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Student Travel - Field Trip Guidelines & Procedures


Notice: All student travel has been suspended due to CO-VID19.

The following information is provided to assist Faculty and Staff navigate through the student travel and field trip process. Tournament Travel information can be found by clicking on this on this link: Tournament Travel Guidelines. Study Abroad/International Travel information can be found here.

Travel for PVCC employees and students is governed by Administrative Regulation 1.15 – Travel. Travelers (Employees) travelling out of Maricopa County (with students, for the purpose of this explanation) are required to be in approved travel status before traveling, even if there are no expenses. An approved travel status means that a travel authorization request has been submitted and approved online through the financial management system (FMS). Employee travel information can be found on the Business Services web page. Non-students may NOT participate in officially sponsored activities, (i.e., field trips, tours, classroom functions).


Group Travel Students traveling together for a common event or purpose with at least one MCCCD employee. Only one travel authorization document is required for the students. A list of employees and students participating in the trip must accompany the travel authorization document for group travel. A group of MCCCD employees in approved travel status at the same location or event is not considered group travel.

Class/Organization Field Trip A field trip is any off-campus activity that is in addition to or in place of the regular class location that involves students, is organized and supervised by PVCC and is for a specific date, time and place.

  • Field trip examples include: a class activity that is in addition to or in place of the regular class location; an off-campus activity related to a student group or organization, an organized activity for a group of PVCC students and an organized activity for a group of PVCC students in a specific program or project.
  • Students traveling together for a common event or purpose must be accompanied by at least one PVCC full time employee.
  • Field trips do not include independent studies for a class, internships or service learning.
  • Requests for travel and field trips must be submitted a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to date of departure.

Forms required for each type of student travel or field trip are found below

Types of Student Travel and Requirements

Field Trip-No Expenses

  • In County
  • Day
  • No Expenses
  • No Online Travel Authorization

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Required Forms

Field Trip/Travel-Expenses

  • In County
  • Day
  • Expenses
  • Approved online Travel Authorization Required

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Required Forms

Student Travel

  • Out of County/State
  • Day or Overnight
  • Expenses or no expenses
  • Approved online Travel Authorization Required

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Required Forms

Use of Campus Vehicles for Field Trip

  • Campus vehicles can be used for field trips and must be reserved/driven by an PVCC employee
  • Vehicle Reservations - A Travel Itinerary form is required. The form and information can be found at the College Police website
  • Field trips outside Maricopa County or out-of-state must have an approved travel authorization (FMS) prior to requesting a campus vehicle.

Other Travel Authorization Information

  • Only one Travel Authorization is required for entire group travel under the primary advisor/employee attending.
  • A completed PVCC Class/Organization Field Trip Form must be attached to travel authorization. If no travel authorization required, forward form to PVCC Fiscal office.
  • A list of all participants (employees and students) must be attached to the travel authorization.
  • All other forms (copies) must be submitted to the Fiscal Office for centralized record keeping.
  • Student per diem is allowable for outside Maricopa county and out-of-state travel. Per diem is calculated at 80% of the employee per diem rate.
  • Cash Advances can be used to cover registration fees, per diem and ground transportation expenses for group travel. Cash Advances are requested through FMS and can only be issued to an employee.