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Team Building Requests


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Team building outings are a great way to augment the classroom learning experience, rooted in value-based leadership development. PVCC offers a variety of experiential learning-based programs including the Puma Challenge Course and Team-building Challenge. Led by trained staff and students, these programs offer a hands-on way for a group or class to develop their communication, collaboration, problem solving, risk-taking, coaching and leadership skills.

Referred to as experiential learning, the program gears learning through reflection on doing. It includes activities and experiences that participants reflect on to gain meaning and generalize to everyday life./p>

Check out schedules and other classes below. Any question, visit our FAQ page!

The Identity Circle

The Identity Circle is an opportunity to allow your class to explore groups in which they identify with or have an affinity.

Key Lessons:

Think independently about their own sense of identity; understand inter-relationships with other groups; appreciate the complexities of diversity and identity.

The Privilege Walk

The Privilege Walk Workshop is designed for students in college level courses across the country who are devoted to race, diversity, and the study of whiteness. This controversial workshop has also been designed to provide college students with an opportunity to understand the intricacies of privilege.

  • Participation should be voluntary
  • All who participate in this workshop should keep discussions confidential
  • Participants can share about their own experiences, but nobody else’s
  • This activity must be done in silence and if any of the participants feel uncomfortable, they should excuse themselves from the workshop.

It is very important for the individuals who participate in workshop to challenge themselves and understand some of the privileges that have been granted to them because of their race, religion, education, family upbringing, etc. Please be honest when participating in this workshop.

Learning Goals:

The learning goals for the Privilege Workshop are to increase the understanding of privilege amongst the participants by presenting the facts; that each student has most likely been in a situation where privilege affected their life in one way or another, both positive and negative.
We need to remember that learning is the process of acquiring attitudes and values through experiences or changes of behavior. Klecker found that students gain more out of a learning experience or environment when they are actively involved in the learning process. Therefore, this workshop is designed to be a cooperative learning experience, based on five key points about learning:

  1. Learning is an active, constructive process.
  2. Learning depends on rich contexts.
  3. Learners are diverse.
  4. Learning is inherently social.
  5. Learning has affective and subjective dimensions (Klecker, 2003)

Scheduling the course is based on the availability of the training team.  Please review the calendar below for course availability.

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