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Club Zeitgeist


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Welcome to Club Z at PVCC … Everyone is Invited!

The Z Model and the Art and Science of Culture Change have been piloted at PVCC by Students, the Z Leadership Team and many other generous collaborators/community members.

At PVCC, Club Z has demonstrated several of the Z Model activities. One of the most exciting of these opportunities is the Z Achievement Awards - open to any student! To learn more about Club Z and the Z Achievement Award, check out our Club Z Award Informatic.

Want to learn more?  Read on … 

Club Zeitgeist Achievement Award Reflection

Z Achievement Reflection

Retro Video of Community Coming Together with Club Z (thank you to Matthew Granillo):

Student Video describing Z Achievement projects (thank you to Sam Fraulino)

A Z Achievement Project can be any “creative and action oriented” project you complete.  Finish a project of your choice and then complete the Club Z Achievement Award report/reflection.  By completing this executive summary, or reflection, of your experience you will earn a Club Z Achievement Award. Submit your reflection prior to February 15th of the academic year if you are applying for cash awards made in the spring through the Z Connect - One Thing Leads to Another Endowment.

Your Z Achievement Award is ideal for adding to your resume, scholarship applications and even to share when you seek venture capital for a future social entrepreneurship endeavor.  Think of how you can leverage your learning experience into the next step of your journey of student success, career success and life success.

You do not have to attend Club Z meetings to earn an award. But, everyone is invited to all Club Z meetings where you can join group projects and/or receive support for individual projects. 

If you are part of a class that is completing a project of any kind, you can incorporate your coursework into a Club Z project as well. Some classes also include the Club Z awards process as part of their course experience. You have many options!

Submit your completed reflection in the Club Z Canvas (you need your MEID and password to enroll):



General Education Abilities (as mentioned in the instructions)

Sample Reflection Questions:

Questions as you Consider a Bold Vision and the pursuit of Meaningful Results

The Initiatives

Club Z takes on specific initiatives to support the campus as a whole and our greater community. We are proud of our collaborations with others on campus (“4 or more!”) and these collaborations include: Career Services, Counseling/Lifelong Learning Series, The Arts Department, Creative Writing, Student Life, Sustainability Club, PSI Beta/Psychology Club, Club Ed, the AWARE club and more! All of us, together, are contributing to our dynamic PVCC learning culture. 

Examples of types of Club Z Achievement Projects include, but are not limited to: social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, sustainability, civic engagement, service learning, diversity and inclusion, creating a work of art, starting a new club, facilitating a supply drive, hosting a fundraising event, writing a play, designing a positive social change initiative for any community ... what do YOU want to achieve?

In addition to the Club Z Achievement Awards, we have also hosted:  the Club Z Summit, events of Free Speech Week, Women’s History Month, Share Z Love and Chats in the Grass (thank you Dr. Kelly Burton and Philosophy!).  We are also known for collaborative pitch contests, the Positive Social Change – Superheroes Connect event and … our famous lemonade slushies. 

The Movement / Z Network 

It started with entrepreneurial spirit in mind and continues to inspire new adventures … even if we don’t have all of the resources we need, we get started and work toward our Bold Visions together. We are committed to student success, career success and life success … individuals and teams define their visions and receive support as they step outside their comfort zones. Our collaborations continue to lead us to places we would not have been able to predict when we first began… that’s how we Z !  How do you Z?

We are especially excited about receiving the following awards for our implementation of Z at PVCC: Student Life Innovation of the Year (2 years), Diversity and Inclusion Award, and the President’s Award. And, we’ve been featured through the League for Innovation in the Community College and the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, too.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions and support!

Club Z Inspire All of Us

As you consider how you might engage with Club Z this year (students, employees, community members), perhaps the projects led by Peter Tometi and Jovana Vincic will inspire you to create and implement a project of your own or in partnership with others?  

Below are materials from Calm Talk, the project led by our Club Z President for 2020-2021, Peter Tometi. “Disheartened” by the state of the nation, Peter dedicated himself to the implementation of this project saying, “I have an innate love for people irrespective of their opinions, ideologies or political affiliation.” With these thoughts in mind, the project was designed to be shared into the future by anyone who would like to utilize it. In addition to thanking Peter for his service to our campus and the community, Club Z congratulates Peter for being selected as an All USA Scholar who will be attending Arizona State University in the Fall of 2021.

To be trained in the Calm Talk process so that you can lead Calm Talk conversations, contact a member of the Z Leadership Team.  

  Peter Tometi, President of Club Z 2020-2021

Calm Talk Invitation Video

Calm Talk PDF

The New (2021) Peter Tometi Award 

Thank you to George Apostol (Inventor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist) who contributed to the Z Connect fund in honor of this new award being offered to students who bring people together as Peter Tometi has done through Calm Talk. This is an extraordinary example of collaboration demonstrating student engagement, employee engagement and community engagement.

In addition to becoming a Z Connect Donor, George offered, "I am pleased to take part in the launch of the inaugural Peter Tometi award, named in recognition of his leadership helping students in the community. As a first generation college student, I place a high value on education and those who support the growth of our youth. The work of Club Z and Mr. Tometi's leadership at PVCC are well-aligned with my personal interests, and I am happy to contribute to the success of students in the Maricopa Community Colleges through the Z Connect Fund."

Jovana Vincic, Z Achiever

Like Peter, Jovana is a leader on the PVCC Campus. She has participated in Club Z’s “10 things about you, 10 things about me” as well as leading her achievement project titled, “International Day of Human Rights.” Jovana facilitated a presentation and brought students together to discuss their hopes for improved human rights and positive social change. She demonstrated her innovative and entrepreneurial skills by creating an example of integrative, integrated, sustainable, scalable programming that will continue to be part of Psychology and Culture classes even after Jovana graduates from PVCC.  Based on the Lominger Skills, Jovana reported that through her project she was also able to demonstrate skills of compassion, creativity and managing diversity.

Still have questions about Club Z at PVCC and within the Maricopa Community Colleges?  More resources are below:

Retro Video with Club Z Students (thank you to Miguel Saucedo)

EntreEd Episode 32 podcast with Club Z students describing Club Z:

Matthew Granillo, Amanda McCloud, Ila Barnes on location at the NACCE conference in 2019 (Newport Beach, CA)

ToastEDU Episode 3 podcast with Sam Fraulino and Caron Sada describing the Design of the Z Model:

This podcast is the creation of Sam Fraulino and the PVCC Center for Teaching and Learning

For more information about “How We Z” at PVCC and within the Maricopa Colleges:

Contact one of our Z Leadership Team Members:

Follow us on Facebook - ClubZPVCC

Make a gift to support the Z Connect - One Thing Leads to Another program and scholarship fund.

For any student or employee of the Maricopa Colleges, self-enroll in the Club Z Canvas with your MEID: