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Free Speech at PVCC

Community members
Community members

Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) and the Maricopa Community Colleges recognize and support the rights of students, employees, and community members to speak in public and to demonstrate in a lawful manner on campus.

Through the development of partnerships with the community, PVCC has hosted numerous community members, including:



The City of Phoenix
North Phoenix Baptist Church
AZ Right to Life
Jehovah's Witness
The Conservative Business League
Vegan Outreach
Petition Partners
The Audubon Society
End Malaria Now
Alternation Church
Gideon's International
Arizona Pirg

Additionally, PVCC has been instrumental in providing educational opportunities that support Public Expression/Free Speech.

To view the MCCCD Regulations please refer to the following:

Non-affiliated Users (Non-Affiliated Users are organizations, groups or individuals that are not Affiliated Users.  
Use of MCCCD grounds or facilities by Non-Affiliated Users is governed by Administrative Regulations 1.5 and 2.4.9.:

2.4.9 Use of College Grounds by Non-MCCCD-Affiliated Users

Affiliated Users

  1. Individuals employed by MCCCD except when engaging in a commercial activity;
  2. Individuals contracted by MCCCD who are acting on behalf of or for MCCCD purposes;
  3. Individuals enrolled via the registrar as students within the MCCCD system; and
  4. External entities and/or individuals invited by student clubs and organizations to participate on behalf of the club or organization in an event that is related to the club or organization’s purpose.

 2.4.14 Use of College Grounds by Affiliated Users