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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED FOR IN-PERSON SERVICES:   Summer 2020 courses are being conducted in an online or remote education format. Please check for specifics regarding your classes, or contact the course instructor for information about the online or remote education opportunities. Updated - July 16, 2020

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COVID-19 Pandemic Tuition Credit Policy

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 situation, the Maricopa Community Colleges are offering a tuition credit to students who need to withdraw from their course(s) due to one of the following circumstances.

  1. Contracting COVID-19 or Other Serious Illness - If you have contracted COVID-19 or other serious illness, a withdrawal request must be submitted with a written statement from your healthcare professional regarding how the illness prevents you from participating in scheduled class sessions or assignments. The medical statement must be on file before a credit can be given.
  2. Serious Illness or Death of Immediate Family Member - If an immediate family member* has contracted a serious illness or has passed away, the same process as above is required including supporting documentation verifying the situation. The medical statement must be on file before a credit can be given.
  3. Inability to Participate in a Converted Course - If you were taking an in-person/hybrid course and it was converted to an online/alternative format, you may request a withdrawal from your course and submit the corresponding form.
  4. Hardship Due to Class End Date Extension - If you have a course which has an extended calendar end date (a longer class time frame than originally planned) or other extenuating circumstances, you may request a withdrawal from the course and submit the corresponding form.

*Immediate family members include: spouse/partner, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, child, foster child, grandchild, stepchild, sibling, stepsibling, stepfather, stepmother, or spouse’s/partner’s father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, or in-laws.

In order to withdraw from your college or any course(s), you must contact your faculty member and consult with an advisor or other enrollment services team member about the process. If the request to withdraw is supported, you will then need to submit the eForm to request a tuition credit/refund.

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