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Academic Coaches

Academic coaches can help with many types of college learning skills, including:

  • Time management
  • College reading and note-taking
  • Test preparation and study skills
  • Referrals to useful areas such as Financial Aid, Buxton Library, the Computer Commons, Counseling, Disability Resources, Student Life, Career Services, and Honors

Academic coaches customize weekly sessions to your specific learning needs.  Best of all, academic coaching is free to PVCC students!

Who can benefit from academic coaching?

  • Anyone who needs to balance school with work, family, and other obligations
  • Anyone who wants to do better in school
  • Anyone who wants to learn skills that will help them the rest of their lives

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Judy Valko

Judy Valko

No Reading Coaching in summer
RDG: 071, 081, 091, CRE: 101

One - On - One Coaching | Resources | Study Skills | Campus Referrals
The coaches meet with students, help them with time management, organizational skills, and study skills, and help the navigate PVCC, connecting them with offices and programs that can help them or can help them to get the most that they can out of their time at PVCC.  Referrals include Financial Aid, Advising, Student Life, Testing, Career Services, tutoring, and all of the other areas that students use.  The coaches take the guess-work out of students' efforts to be involved and successful here by working with them to identify what it is they need or can most benefit from.

Don’t wait—come see us today!

Erica Hicks
Erica Hicks

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