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All PVCC employees, students and visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings while on campus. How to report Coronavirus (Covid19)

Faculty Support

Studies show that students who reach out for academic assistance are likely to have a cumulative GPA a full letter grade higher than college students that don’t seek out tutoring. Our staff would love the opportunity to stop by your classes and introduce ourselves to students. In about 5-15 minutes, we can share the benefits of the LSC resources and how we can help students juggle work, life, and school. Help us spread the word!

Additionally, we are eager to collaborate with you on ideas. If your idea isn’t something that we have the budget, staff, or resources to do, we’ll work with you to find another option. We encourage you to get involved, through tutoring and coaching recommendations; meeting with applicants to assess their knowledge; providing a test for tutor applicants in a subject area; even attending interviews. You may also require your students to take advantage of the LSC and its resources. By providing the LSC with a list of student IDs and names, our staff can verify attendance by providing you with a report of which of your students attend, including the date, service, and length of time.

Black Mountain Students

Students attending PVCC’s Black Mountain campus can still take advantage of LSC resources.

  • Aquila Hall has textbooks, anatomy models, and study rooms, as well as math and science tutoring.
  • Tutoring for other subjects is available through Brainfuse online tutoring, which faculty activates in Canvas. Please contact Mary Early (mary.early@paradisevalley.edu602-787-7183) for help with Brainfuse. 
  • Black Mountain students are always welcome at the Union Hills campus location.
  • Academic success coaching is available by phone if students are not able to come to a campus. Simply call the LSC front desk to request a phone appointment.
  • Free calculator workshops are available in Canvas, registering at


For online instructors, students can access Brainfuse, PVCC”s online tutoring service. Faculty activates the program in Canvas and students are initially given seven hours of tutoring. Contact

Mary Early for help or to add Brainfuse hours to a student’s account. Brainfuse is only available for online and hybrid classes and to Black Mountain students because of the in-person tutoring limitation at that campus. The LSC, including the Writing Center, is available for all PVCC students taking in-person classes on the Union Hills campus.

Test Reviews

Faculty members can hold a test review at the LSC for students or they can request a tutor be present for the test review. Either way, you need to schedule through the front desk for room availability.

When a tutor is present, faculty must provide he or she with a study guide or brief explanation of material the test covers for the tutor to prepare., and share the date and time with students.

Concerns with the LSC

Communicating openly helps us grow and become better so that we can be of better service. We welcome constructive feedback and input from faculty, staff, and students.