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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED FOR IN-PERSON SERVICES:   Summer 2020 courses are being conducted in an online or remote education format. Please check for specifics regarding your classes, or contact the course instructor for information about the online or remote education opportunities. Updated - June 24, 2020

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English Language Learners’ Services

To get started, please obtain a PVCC Community borrower card to use LSC services. Our front desk staff can help with how to get this card.

  • Beginning ELL Conversation Groups

For persons who speak little to no English, the ELL conversation groups provide beginning English practice to those who wish to learn English. The conversation groups are held four days a week and are free PVCC students and community members. Community members may attend the ELL conversation groups for two semesters. Students may attend as often as they want.
January 13 - April 30
Monday/Wednesday 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Tuesday/Thursday 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

  • Advanced ELL Grammar Workshops

These workshops are based on the grammar taught in ESL Levels 3 and 4 and include the workshops based on student writing needs for composition classes. They are free to PVCC students and $7 (non-refundable) a semester for community members. The last day to enroll as a community member (someone who is not a PVCC student) for the spring 2020 semester is April 15, 2020. PVCC students may come at any time.
January 16 - April 30
Thursday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Rosetta Stone

Interactive software that allows practice in speaking, listening to, reading, and writing English. Classes are free to PVCC students and community members. Please bring earbuds or headphones, or check out headphones from the library, across the hall from the LSC.

  • Writing Center (for students):

Tutors help students taking credit classes at PVCC with grammar, punctuation, transitions, thesis statements, assignments, and other writing tasks for any PVCC class.