Why Honors?

Honors Staff

We create a challenging environment for students to thrive and create opportunity for students through scholarships, trips, engaged faculty and more!

  • Honors Scholarships available for those who qualify
  • More one-on-one academic advisement and program review by designated faculty advisors
  • Customized Honors curriculum
  • Small class sizes - averaging 20 students
  • Individual attention
  • Experienced full-time faculty - not teaching assistants
  • Free printing, laptop checkouts, a study/community center, and symphony tickets
  • Research opportunities

What Students Say

"I graduated in the top five percent of my high school class so I had a number of options for college. After researching my options extensively, I chose the Honors Program at Paradise Valley Community College. I plan to transfer to Arizona State University and major in Engineering. I'm confident my education at PVCC is preparing me for a smooth transfer and continued academic success."

Rob Webb Westwood High School Graduate

Be Recognized for Academic Excellence

Paradise Valley Community College - a leading US Institution of higher education.

Founded in 1985, Paradise Valley Community College has grown from a per-semester enrollment in 1987 of 3,700 to over 9,951 today. The college’s unduplicated headcount per year is over 14,633, with an additional 4,600 in non-credit and continuing education programs. Historically, PVCC has seen enrollment growth between 2-7% each semester. Coincident with enrollment growth has been the increase in number of faculty: from 27 full-time residential faculty in 1987 to 117 in 2009 (plus 444 adjunct faculty in 2009). The total number of employees has grown from 62 in 1987 to 247 in 2009.

At PVCC, you will receive a quality two-year education from a respected college while enjoying a robust student life - all at an affordable tuition rate. After graduating from PVCC, you can transfer to a university and complete your bachelor's degree.

Successful Transfer

The PVCC education has been shown to positively impact the academic performance of students in their university studies. In fact, a recent study of PVCC students who transferred to an Arizona state university revealed that as the number of PVCC transfer credits increased, so did the student's first-year GPA at the university (with an average of 3.0 for all PVCC students).