Honors Achievement Award


Accepting HAA Applications for Fall 2019 starting: January 1st, 2019

Deadline to Apply for HAA for Fall 2019: August 30th 2019

By applying for the Honors Achievement Award Scholarship, the student also applies for the Honors Program. The Honors Achievement Award Scholarship eligibility requirements are:

  • Submit a complete Honors Program application
  • A minimum 3.25 MCCCD cumulative district-wide grade point average
  • A minimum of twelve completed MCCCD credit hours (must be 100 level or above)

Submit your completed application to the Honors Office in person today!

Receiving your award: To receive an Honors Achievement Award, eligible students must maintain a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and earn at least a grade of C or higher in an Honors class each semester. Students must also participate in at least one co-curricular event during the semester and write a 250 word reflection on the experience.

The award amount is based on the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled. Scholarship funds will be awarded at the end of the Fall/ Spring semester upon completion of Honors course/contract.

Students submit a new application every semester as a way of renewing the award as long as they have maintained eligibility.