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First Year Experience

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The First Year Experience (FYE) is a learning community for any student entering college for the first time. Students enroll in 2 courses as a cohort (4-6 credit hours) and remain with the cohort throughout the first college semester. FYEs include co-curricular elements, such as campus activities, study skills, life skills, and college success skills. The addition of these co-curricular elements differentiates a FYE from a Learning Community.

The program provides an integrated and challenging experience for Paradise Valley Community College students and serves as a “starting point” to help students make choices leading to academic success. Opportunities are numerous for study groups, peer tutoring, interaction with faculty, integration of assignments, group projects, and development of team building skills.

How will enrolling in a FYE program benefit students and learning?

  • The cohort structure offers a community atmosphere and an opportunity to build relationships with other new students on campus.
  • Out-of-class experiences provide increased opportunities to make new friends, interact with faculty, and become engaged in campus life.
  • Co-curricular elements help increase academic preparedness for future college coursework.
  • The FYE structure supports students as they develop and transition to college and helps students see the interconnectedness of academic disciplines.
  • This program provides information about financial aid, scholarships, testing, computer commons, library services, and tutoring services through the Learning Support Center.

You can even take additional courses. Your adviser will have a list of these courses.