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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED:   All in-person classes, activities and events are postponed until April 5. Online/distance classes continue to be held as scheduled. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for any additional class information.
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Register for Services

Disability Resources and Services (DRS) is the point of contact for students with disabilities at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) who wish to receive accommodations. Students are required to submit documentation and follow an intake eligibility process prior to receiving accommodations.

  • New students who have not applied for disability services at a college within the Maricopa County Community College District will need to complete an online application for services using DRS CONNECT. (See the DRS CONENCT button in the side bar.) When in DRS CONNECT, select where it says Submit your application to receive accommodation from Disability Resources and Services and complete the application. Your username and password for reentry into DRS CONNECT will be the same as you use to log into your Student Center at
  • Upload documentation of disability in the online application process. Documentation must be from an appropriate professional source that meets our documentation guidelines, establishes the existence of a disability, and verifies the need for accommodations or auxiliary aids.
  • The DRS office will contact you at the phone number provided in the application to schedule an initial intake appointment within two business days of the application submission. If you are not contacted, please call 602‑787‑7171.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment at the Kranitz Student Center (KSC).
  • Meet with the DRS Manager to discuss disability, documentation, history of accommodations, and functional limitations.
  • Identify services and accommodations that will allow student equal access.
  • If assistance or accommodations are needed to complete any of the above processes, please call 602-787-7171 or visit the DRS office at the KSC.

NEW STUDENTS who intend to request accommodations are urged to contact DRS as soon as they decide to attend PVCC. Doing so will allow sufficient time before the beginning of classes to review documentation and determine if any additional information will be required for service eligibility. Furthermore, if you will require services such as sign language interpreters or reading services the more advance notice you can provide, the better PVCC will be able to meet your needs as such accommodations can often take weeks to arrange.

EXISTING STUDENTS who have not previously sought services may contact the DRS Manager at any time. However, accommodations or services will only be provided after an intake is completed and will not be provided retroactively.

RETURNING STUDENTS are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the DRS Manager each semester. Students who do not meet with the DRC Manager on a timely basis are not assured of receiving appropriate accommodations.

TRANSFER STUDENTS are advised not to assume they will receive the same accommodations they received at their prior institution. Also, documentation requirements may differ. Transfers should contact the DRS Manger in the same manner as new students.

Students that self-identify to instructors as having a disability will be directed to register for services with the DRS.

NOTE: Knowledge of disability and disability documentation is kept confidential. Information is shared from DRS on a need to know basis, or as directed by the student in a Release of Information.

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