Dr. James Rubin

  • BA, Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MC, Counseling, Arizona State University
  • Ph.D., Counseling & Psychotherapy, Union University

Courses Taught:
  • HON201: Leadership Development

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Leadership Development (LDR101: Emerging Leaders; LDR201: Emerging Leaders Facilitation; HON201: Leadership Development)
  • Career and Personal Development (CPD102AB: Career Exploration; CPD102AD: Growth and Transformation Strategies; CPD102AJ: Developing Personal Spirituality)
  • College Success (CPD150: Strategies for College Success)

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC (residential faculty since 1997)
  • PC (adjunct faculty 1996)
  • NAU (adjunct faculty since 2002)
  • ISETL Presentation: Leadership Development in Community College Students
  • Publication: "Emerging Leaders: Leadership Development from a Community College Perspective". Developing Non-Hierarchical Leadership on Campus
  • Case Studies and Best Practices in Higher Education