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Personal Goals

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Choose a satisfying major and career
Manage your stress or anger
Set goals, improve your study skills, and increase your success in college
Develop personally

The PVCC Counseling and Personal Development Division offers a wide variety of college courses designed to help students identify and achieve personal, educational and career goals.

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Course Description
Career Exploration (CPD102AB) Designed to assist students making career choices. Focuses on self-assessment in terms of educational and career opportunities and reasonable possibilities in the world of work. Includes assessment for personal/career interests, values, needs, attitudes, skills, and other potential, and exploration of occupational information to establish career and educational goals. Prerequisites: None
Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior (CPD102AD) Designed to help students change behaviors that work against their potential, i.e., inferior feelings, shyness, nervousness, stage fright, under achievement etc. Focus on identifying undesirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors, for the purpose of developing alternative, and more desirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Prerequisites: None
Stress Management (CPD102AH) Reviews the sources of stress, the physiological effects and the psychological impact of stress on the individual. Provides strategies to reduce stress. Prerequisites: None
Creating College Success (AAA115) Strategies to create success in college. Methods for selecting and developing effective academic strategies, increasing self-awareness and developing self-management strategies. Elements of college resources and relationships with others explored in support of students' educational experience.
Building Self-Esteem (CPD102AT) Practice in specific methods for building and keeping self-esteem. Personal assessment of attitudes, values, support systems, and goals. Prerequisites: None
Women in Transition (CPD103BA) Designed to assist and support women who are experiencing life transitions. Emphasis on assessing self-potential, increasing self-confidence, managing life change, and exploring education/career/life options in terms of the realities of roles for women today. Prerequisites: None
Emerging Leaders (LDR101) Designed to provide strategies that may be used when assuming leadership roles. Focus on improving supervisory confidence through the development of appropriate competitive behaviors, problem-solving skills, and techniques of leadership. Prerequisites: None.
Strategies for College Success (CPD150) Focus on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning. Prerequisites: None
Peer Mentor Training (CPD250)

Development and application of beginning skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain effective peer helping relationships in a college setting. Focus on the role, function, and responsibilities of the peer mentor; verbal and nonverbal communication skills; problem solving; and strategies and resources for first-year student success. Includes on-campus service-learning component


Career/Work Experience (CWE198AC)

Students will assess their personality, interests, values, motivations, skills and priorities as they relate to the world of work. Participation in experiential learning in a work setting will give them the opportunity to gain experience and apply skills as they continue to explore a career or field of choice.  The course is designed to help students relate theory and education to the work place.