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Community Resources

Stacy Moreno - PVCC Social Worker

Need to find a community resource?  So do many of our students!  Below are links to helpful resource pages that can serve as a guide for navigating things from utility help, employment, child care and much more!

We also have a Social Worker on staff to work one on one with you.  Meet Stacy Moreno!

Reach out to make an appointment with Stacy, or click on the link below.

Phone: 602-787-6540

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment

Stacy Moreno is a trained Masters level Social Worker, community college and university adjunct faculty, Director of the Phoenix based office of a national non-profit, Council of International Programs, and a Masters student in Human Rights Practice at the University of Arizona.

Stacy views her role in the world as a collaborator, connector, networker, community advocate, and innovator.  Much energy is focused on creating and leading meaningful cross cultural and cross national learning opportunities for students, expanding others' understanding of global society and considering collaborative solutions to issues we all face. 

Additionally Stacy has been creating and leading Global Learning Programs abroad since 2015, taking over 150 individuals to Europe, Eurasia, and Central America to connect with local professionals on relevant topics such as human rights, societal welfare and more, urging participants to become leaders and advocates for positive social change. 

Stacy has recently developed and spearheaded Global Chats, using online forums to connect people around the world to relevant social topics using virtual platforms. Most recently, Stacy is co-developing a multinational youth project, virtually, aimed at bringing youth from around the globe together. Stacy is continuing to connect with students abroad as she collaborates with Pécs University, Hungary, on a Global Citizenship project with a SWU course this Fall.

Stacy was awarded by her peers as NASW-Arizona Chapter’s “Social Worker of the Year” (2017) as well as Faculty of the Year (in her department) at both GateWay Community College (2018) and Grand Canyon University (2018).  Stacy recently concluded the UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Faculty Fellowship (Summer 2020) and is looking to collaborate across disciplines to develop meaningful student projects that address the UNSDGs.

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Quick Links for help

All Assistance in AZ



Legal Services

Legal Services (including Tenant Eviction Assistance Project - TEAP)

General procedures for asking for help

Prior to making contact

Ensure you have a writing utensil and paper handy. Also, you may need to provide your contact information. To better assist you, make certain your contact information is up to date.

Introduce yourself Hello, my name is “your name” and I “your concern”.
Concern example:

  • “I am homeless and I need somewhere to stay.”
  • “I have no food and I need something to eat.”
  • “I do not have enough money to afford rent.”
  • “I do not have enough money to afford my utilities.”
  • “I am looking for help to work through a mental health concern.”

Referral response

Often they will share the services they can provide to assist you. Within that information they will direct you where to go and what documentation (paper work) you may need.

  • We provide shelter for homeless individual and you will need to…
  • We are a food bank that is open (business hours) and you will need to…
  • We can help you with funds to help pay for your utilities and you will need to…
  • Are you safe? Where are you located? What insurance do you have?

Your follow-up

Ask questions about best time to arrive, the length you will be waiting, and confirm the address. Be sure to ask about the documents you may need to provide. For example, ask if there will be copies taken of documents, or ask about alternative documents if you do not have a document.