Computer Commons

Rules and Use Policy

The following is prohibited conduct in the use of Maricopa's technology resources:

  1. Posting to the network, downloading or transporting any material that would constitute a violation of Maricopa County Community College District contracts.
  2. Unauthorized attempts to monitor another user's password protected data or electronic communication, or delete another user's password protected data, electronic communications or software, without that person's permission.
  3. Installing or running on any system a program that is intended to or is likely to result in eventual damage to a file or computer system.
  4. Performing acts that would unfairly monopolize computing resources to the exclusion of other users, including (but not limited to) unauthorized installation of server system software.
  5. Hosting an unauthorized website that violates the .EDU domain request.
  6. Use of technology resources for non-Maricopa commercial purposes, including to advertise personal services, whether or not for financial gain.
  7. Use of software, graphics, photographs, or any other tangible form of expression that would violate or infringe any copyright or similar legally-recognized protection of intellectual property rights.
  8. Activities that would constitute a violation of any policy of Maricopa's Governing Board, including, but not limited to, Maricopa's non-discrimination policy and its policy against sexual harassment.
  9. Transmitting, storing, or receiving data, or otherwise using technology resources in a manner that would constitute a violation of state or federal law, or MCCCD policy or administrative regulation including, but not limited to, obscenity, defamation, threats, harassment, and theft.
  10. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to a remote network or remote computer system.
  11. Exploiting any technology resources by attempting to prevent or circumvent access, or using unauthorized data protection schemes.
  12. Performing any act that would disrupt normal operations of computers, workstations, terminals, peripherals, or networks.
  13. Using technology resources in such a way as to wrongfully hide the identity of the user or pose as another person.
  14. Allowing any unauthorized access to Maricopa's technology resources.

AZ Statute 13-2316: "A person commits computer fraud... when accessing... without authorization, any computer... system... network... with the intent to devise or... control... intentionally... altering, damaging, or destroying... "

Thus, if you purposefully and willfully exceed given access and authorizations on any computer, system, or network, you can be suspended or expelled from school and also charged with a Class 3 or Class 5 FELONY. Some have learned the hard way!

Read Article III.C.15 of the PVCC Student Planner for additional issues and concerns of inappropriate use of school computers. CC computers are available for PVCC students to support their classes and for school-related activities (i.e., PVCC clubs). Any other use or purpose is inappropriate.

The mission of the Computer Commons is to provide access and support for students, staff, and faculty learning computer software and hardware and for those using computers to support their PVCC academic or PVCC school-related activities.

To assist us in providing a safe, comfortable learning environment, we ask that you adhere to the following lab rules:

  • You must be a currently registered student at PVCC to use the Commons Open Lab
  • A current PVCC student ID is required for Open Lab use.
  • The Computer Commons is available for PVCC students to complete coursework. Computers may not be used for commercial gain or for private profit.
  • To avoid liability issues and distractions to other users, guests/visitors (including spouses and children) are not permitted in the Commons Open Lab and classrooms
  • Please set your cell phones to vibrate and conduct your calls outside the Commons
  • Quiet please! Be considerate of other users in the Commons.
  • Drinks with lids are allowed. Food and drinks without lids are not allowed in the Open Lab or classrooms. Tables are available at the entrance for you to leave your items.
  • The PVC Computer Commons adheres to the MCCD Computer Resources Standards which can be found at
  • Students using the Computer Commons are subject to the United States Copyright Law of 1976, as amended (Title 17, U.S. Code, the "Copyright Act"), including ensuring that the restrictions that apply to the reproduction of software are adhered to and that the bounds of copying permissible under the fair use doctrine are not exceeded.