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Printing at PVCC

NOTE: Printing at PVCC Requires Paper Currency for Pay-for-Print (coins, debit and credit cards not accepted)

Paradise Valley Community College has implemented pay for printing in the Library and Computer Commons. Costs for students and community members will be 10 cents a page (20 cents double sided) for black-and-white prints and $1 for color. The pay-for-print fees and procedures follow the standard practices that students are familiar with using at city libraries; colleges in the district such as Mesa Community College and Phoenix College; and other public facilities.

Students and community members will need a PVCC ID card, and their 13 digit ID card number to access the print accounting software. Your 13 digit number on the back of your PVCC ID card is your username. The ID card number is also used to release your print jobs from a computer to a printer.

Cash deposit centers are located in the Library and Computers Commons. You can deposit money into your print account through the use of the deposit centers and your ID Card number. Do not deposit more than $5.00 into your account in case you lose your ID card. You are responsible for loss of funds should your ID card be lost or stolen. Refunds of money left in your account should you leave PVCC will only be considered for amounts of $10 or more and require approval by a Dean or Vice President.

*PVCC is not responsible for any loss of printing funds if you lose your ID card. It is your responsibility.

Click here for information on how to use the pay for print system.

Why is PVCC charging for printing?

Pay-for-Print was implemented to help reduce the amount of excess printing on campus which includes the wastefulness of paper as well as toner and ink. Previously, because printing was considered to be free, little effort was apparent in attempts to reduce wastefulness. Hundreds of thousands of printed pages were ignored, never picked up and had to be recycled. The Library alone uses a minimum of $250 a week in toner costs and 4,000 sheets of paper.

Why can't the printing charge come out of fees I already pay?

Unfortunately printing is not used uniformly by all students. Some students do little or no printing, while others may be printing more than their "fair share". Charging directly for printing will allow each student to control what he or she spends on printing. It may also allow departments to refocus funds that were previously used for printing toward delivering new and improved services.

How can I reduce my cost or amount of printing?

  • E-mail information to yourself or documents to professors or colleagues
  • Download information or save it to your network drive or a USB drive
  • Write down information the old fashioned way, especially if you only need brief notes or the call number for a book
  • Print only the pages you need, instead of the entire document. Preview what you are printing to ensure you only send the print job one time and are only printing what you need

What is my username to access my print account?

It is your 13 digit ID card number (on the back of the ID card).

What is my PIN or password?

There is no password.

Where do I find my 13 Digit ID Card Number?

On the back of your PVCC ID Card.

How do I release my print jobs?

Swipe your ID card, or enter your PIN (13 digit PIN number on the back of your ID card) into the keypad sitting beside a printer.

How do I add money to my print account?

Insert cash, bills no change, into one of the deposit machines located in the Library or Computer Commons. Do not add more than $5.00 to your account. Add only the amount you think you'll need. PVCC is not responsible for lost cards or PIN numbers that are used by others to access your account. It is your responsibility to ensure your account information and funds in the account are safe.

What happens if my ID card is stolen?

Go to College Safety to get a replacement. Call the Helpdesk at 602.787.7780 to have your account frozen so no one else can use your money for printing.

What happens if I pay for a print job and the printer jams and I don't get my print job?

Ask a staff member in the Library or Computer Commons and they can credit the charge back to your account.

Where can I get change for the deposit centers?

Go to the Cashier's Office in the Kranitz Student Center

What if I forgot my ID card at home?

You can't print. Very few exceptions will be made to allow you to print in an emergency. Put your ID card in your wallet or purse so you don't forget it.

Can I get my account balance refunded to me at the end of the semester, or if I quit attending PVCC?

Refunds of money left in your account should you leave PVCC will only be considered for amounts of $10 or more and require approval by a Dean or Vice President. Please do not keep any more than $5.00 in your account. The safest practice is to keep only what you need for printing class assignments.