Cashier Services

Payment Plan Information

Paradise Valley Community College offers an online automatic monthly tuition payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions.

Sign up Early 

  • Relax…your class seat is saved 
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Low down payment
    All payment plan options require an immediate payment of $35.

Payment Methods 

  • Automatic bank payment from a checking or savings account
  • Credit/debit card 
    For changes to your financial information, please contact Nelnet Campus Commerce at 800.609.8056 or access your plan through your Student Center 

Cost to Participate 

  • $15 per semester down payment (ACH & Credit Card), non refundable
  • $20 per semester nonrefundable enrollment fee (ACH & Credit Card) 
  • $1 enrollment fee for an immediate full payment (Checking/Savings acct) 
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned
    If the enrollment fee returns for any reason, the agreement may be terminated. 

Simple Steps to Enroll

Note: Disable pop-up blocker before proceeding 

  • Navigate to 
  • Click on the Make a Payment icon and log in 
  • Select Setup/Manage Payment Plan (or select the “Pay by checking/savings account” link to make a full payment using your checking/savings account information.)  
  • If your Spring classes end after May 5th, you will have the options listed below. 
  • However, all payment plans must be set up prior to your tuition due date. 
Payment Plans