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Internships/Job Shadow

An opportunity for students to gain experience in a chosen field through college credit or work experience. Applicants should expect to be able to provide minimum qualifications to benefit from internships in many fields. The Internship Manager/Faculty will provide guidance and assistance but final application and acceptance is an agreement between the student and employer.

Step 1: Select the best option for you (credit or non-credit).

For an unpaid, an internship must be taken for credit. An internship can not be assigned credit retroactively.

Step 2: Select a Career Related opportunity.

Students have many options for seeking career related internships and include the following:

  • Networking with friends and relatives in related career industry

  • Seeking career-related internship with present employer (e.g. a grocery cashier pursuing an accounting degree might ask employer for an internship in the accounting department)

  • Going to various employer websites and exploring internship opportunities

  • Browsing Career Services list of current employers offering internships or shadowing opportunities

  • Prospecting for an internship in an area of interest

Step 3: Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter

As a college student and workplace professional, all applicants must prepare a cover letter and resume.

Resume and Cover Letter Guidelines and Examples

Contact Career Services at 602-787-7073 or to schedule an appointment to review your resume and cover letter.

To ensure the safety of our students at the Internship site, each student must fill out an Assumption of Risk form and submit to Career Services before the start of their Internship. If the internship is unpaid, the employer must also fill out a Certificate of Insurance.

Internship Materials

Here are the typical deadlines for internships -

  • April 15 for a Summer Internship
  • July 15 for a Fall Internship
  • November 15 for a Spring Internship

Please check specific internship applications for the exact internship application due date.