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Internship Timelines


Internship Timeline For Transfer Students

Semester 1 (4 semesters before transfer)
Career Exploration
  • Self Discovery Assessments (Career Counseling)
  • Take a Career & Personal Development Class
  • (CPD102AB, CPD104, CPD150)
  • Attend Career Panels, Seminars, Job/Career Fairs
  • Visit Career Services Center – KSC-1181
  • Become familiar with career related resources online and in media center
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor
  • Join PEAK Leadership Institute
  • Participate in Service Learning and Student Clubs

  • Create your first resume

Semester 2 (3 semesters before transfer)
Intensive internship search
  • What’s available?
  • What’s my goal?
  • What will benefit me the most?
  • Explore “What can I do with a major in . . . . . . .”

  • Update your Resume (Include all new leadership experiences in school and at work)

Interview Skills
  • Attend workshops/seminars
  • Conduct informal interviews (career exploration)
  • Practice interviewing (have it taped)

Job/Career Fairs
  • Attend – practice meeting employers/inquire about opportunities with their organizations (Prepare and practice elevator speech)

Semester 3 (2 semesters before transfer)
Choose your Major!
  • Review what can I do with a Major in . . . . .
  • Visit an Academic Advisor
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor

Apply for Internships, usually by the end of October
  • State Department FBI, Attorney General’s Office etc.
    (require background check)

  • Update and upload online (online should not contain personal info)

Personal Statement
May also be required on many internship applications
  • Write one – (an essay describing your background and goals)
  • Letters of recommendation, transcripts, portfolio of your work

Interview Skills
  • Practice panel interviews

Job/Career Fairs
  • Attend – apply for opportunities/inquire about internships

Semester 4 (1 semesters before transfer)
Apply for internship programs
(Many require 60 credit hours)
  • Most major corporations (Fortune 500) have formal summer training programs (Must apply in Spring) Competitive – many require out of state travel
  • (Able to start 300 level courses after internship)

Job/Career Fairs
  • Attend Job Fairs – apply for opportunities

  • Update (Don’t forget to update online resumes also!)

Transfer students should have at least one internship experience before transferring to their college of choice

  • Increases chances of other internship experiences (real life career exposure)
  • Helps solidify that major is right fit- helps determine major focus

Informal internships may take place at any time and may are generally more flexible
(do not recommend during first semester, especially without any experience)

Many majors have formal internship programs built-in to major
Will have too much invested if you determine this career is not for you
Education, Nursing, Medicine, etc.