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How to Land an Internship


Investigate the opportunities

  • Internships will not come to you – It is up to you to find them or create them

  • Visit the Paradise Valley Community College Career Services Center KSC-1181

  • Search online –

    This website provides nationwide information arrow down a company/organization you'd like to work for – search their web page for internship opportunities (more up-to-date than hard copy)

  • Find out if it is a good fit (company culture, structured vs. non-structured, and supervisor)

Time it Right

  • Finding an internship is not a last minute project

  • Plan ahead

  • Calendar, school year, summer internships

Explore the company- don't just apply

  • Research the company and the industry

  • Visit Career Services Center – KSC-1181

  • Ask college reference librarian about resources in library and online

Research other requirements

  • An application form

  • An essay describing your background and goals

  • Letters of recommendation (professional and instructors)

  • A portfolio of your work

N 'joy the benefits

  • Many companies use internship opportunities to select the best candidates! And, internships provide valuable on the job experience for candidates!

By knowing where to look and how to prepare, you can land a great internship! The opportunities are out there, it is up to you to go out and find them.