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FALL 2022 CLASSES ARE OPEN!  Learning Options | Online Services  |  Student Relief Grant Information Updated - September 27, 2022
All PVCC employees, students and visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings while on campus. How to report Coronavirus (Covid19)

Register for Classes

You must be a student admitted at PVCC before you can register for classes. If you are not, you can learn more about the process by going to the New Student Checklist where you will find how to become a student.

Once you are a student and have decided on the classes you want to take during the upcoming semester, you can register for them online. As you can see from the steps below, it’s really quite easy. But if you want some help, your Academic Advisor will be happy to assist you.

Please be aware that you may have to pay your tuition and fees on the same day that you register. If your FAFSA has not gone through and you've not been awarded Financial Aid, you will need to pay out-of-pocket until the aid is awarded. If you enroll fewer than 35 days from the class start date, tuition will be due the same day.

Step 1
Visit the easy-to-use Find a Class tool and locate the classes you want to take. Be sure to select the correct term, PVCC, and any additional search options under “More Search Options” that will help you find courses. Make note of the Section Numbers for the classes you want (e.g. 24560).
Description: Example: Login with your MEID and Password

Step 2
Visit and log in to your Student Center with your MEID and password
Description: Example: Click on 'Add a Class'

Step 3
Click “Add a Class”
Description: Example: Select a term

Step 4
Choose the term you are interested in and click “Continue”
Description: Example: Either enter in a Class Nbr or search for a class

Step 5
Option 1
If you used the Find a Class tool enter in the 5-digit Section Number (e.g. 24560) for a specific class in the "Enter Class Nbr" field to quickly add the class to your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Click “Enter” and skip ahead to Step 9
Option 2
Click the “Search” button to search for a class
Description: Example: Enter search criteria and click on Search

Step 6
In the "Subject" field, enter a subject prefix (e.g., ACC, BIO, ENG). In the "Course Number" field, enter a course number (e.g., 101 or 100AB). Click “Search”
Description: Example: Review results and then click on a desired Class Nbr for more details

Step 7
Review the search results and click on the Class number (e.g. 24624) link for course details
Description: Example: Review the class details to make sure this is the class you want

Step 8
Review overall class details. If you want to add this class, click on the “Select Class” button at the bottom of the page.
Notice: PVCC has 2 campuses: Paradise Valley main campus and Paradise Valley: Black Mountain. Check the Location in the box titled “Class Details” to ensure the class is at the campus you want.
Description: Example: Click the Next button to add the class to your enrollment shopping cart

Step 9
Review class details once more and click “Next” to add the class to your Enrollment Shopping Cart
Description: Example: A class has been added to your enrollment shopping cart

Step 10
The class will now be in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. To add more classes, repeat Steps 5–9 above.
Description: Example: With your enrollment shopping cart ready, click Proceed to Step 2 of 3

Step 11
When you’ve added all your classes to the Enrollment Shopping Cart, click “Proceed to Step 2 of 3”
Description: Example: Click Finish Enrolling to confirm your classes

Step 12
Click “Finish Enrolling” to review and confirm your classes.