Adult Re-entry

Adult Re-entry Primary Classes

Women in Transition

A course designed to empower all women:

  • Going through a major transition or adjustment in life.
  • Wishing to achieve increased power in all relationships; with me, in the workplace, in school, with your children.

This course will enable you to:

  • Participate in a support group
  • Increase your power in relationships
  • Enhance your personal growth
  • Reduce your anxiety about managing life changes

Women in Transition


Section 17595


Tuesday  9:00-10:50AM

Donna Mosher, M.C.

Designed to assist and support women who are experiencing life transitions. Emphasis on assessing self-potential, increasing self-confidence, managing life change, and exploring education/career/life options in terms of the realities of roles for women today.

Prerequisites: None

CPD150 Stategies for College Success

Focus on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning.

Prerequisites: None