Adult Re-entry

Adult Re-entry Alternate Classes

Additional Classes to Support Your Return to Education:


Career Exploration 2 Credits

Designed to assist students making career choices. Focuses on self-assessment in terms of educational and career opportunities and reasonable possibilities in the world or work. Includes assessment for personal/career interests, values, needs, attitudes, skills, and other potential, and exploration of occupational information to establish career and educational goals.

Prerequisites: None.


Stress Management 2 Credits

Reviews the sources of stress, the physiological effects and the psychological impact of stress on the individual. Provides strategies to reduce stress.

Prerequisites: None.


Strategies for College Success 3 Credits

Focuses on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning.

Prerequisites: None.


Dynamics of Leadership 2 Credits

Designed to provide strategies that may be used when assuming leadership roles. Focuses on improving supervisory confidence through the development of appropriate competitive behaviors, problem solving skills, and techniques of leadership.

Prerequisites: None

* Check the current semester’s PVCC Schedule to find the days and times each of these classes are offered.