The big day is drawing near. There are several steps to take so you can graduate on time and can participate in the Commencement Ceremony. Take a few moments to review the links below for more information on what needs to be done.

Catalog Under Which A Student Graduates

Students maintaining continuous enrollment at any public Arizona community college or university may graduate according to the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment or according to the requirements of any single catalog in effect during subsequent terms of continuous enrollment. Students may maintain continuous enrollment whether attending a single public community college or public university in Arizona or transferring among public institutions in Arizona while pursuing their degrees.

In areas of study in which the subject matter changes rapidly, material in courses taken long before graduation may become obsolete or irrelevant. Coursework that is more than eight years old is applicable to completion of degree requirements at the discretion of the student's major department. Departments may accept such coursework, reject it, or request that the student revalidate its substance. The eight-year limit on coursework applies except when program accreditation agencies limit the life of coursework to less than eight years. Departments may also require students to satisfy current major requirements rather than major requirements in earlier catalogs, when completing earlier requirements is no longer possible or educationally sound. The college reserves the right to make necessary course and program changes in order to meet current educational standards.

General Graduation Requirements

All students are required to complete the degree and/or certificate requirements as approved by the MCCCD Governing Board. The college reserves the right to make necessary course and program changes in order to meet current educational standards. In addition, students must:

1. Be credited in the Office of Admissions and Records with not fewer than:

60 semester credit units in courses numbered 100 or above for the Associate in Arts degree, Associate in Science degree, Associate in Transfer Partnership degree, and Associate in General Studies degree; 60 semester credit units for the Associate in Applied Science degree; 62 semester credits for the Associate in Business degrees. For specific certificate programs, these will be credited with no fewer than the minimum total of credit units required for the certificate program. Students not continuously enrolled, as outlined in the Catalog Under Which a Student Graduates policy, must satisfy current graduation requirements.

2. Have earned a minimum of 12 semester credit units toward the degree or certificate at the college granting the degree or certificate. In cases where the certificate requires fewer than 12 credit units, a minimum of six credit units must be completed at the college awarding the certificate.

3. Have filed an application for the degree or certificate with the Office of Admissions and Records on the date determined by the college/center.
Nursing students must apply for graduation from the college where they have successfully completed Block 4 of the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing.

4. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 at the college granting the degree.

5. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 in all courses used to fulfill degree requirements. Some specific programs have higher grade requirements. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of these program requirements.

6. Have removed, thirty (30) days after the anticipated graduation date, all deficiencies on the record to use those courses toward program completion.

7. Have removed any indebtedness to any MCCCD college /center.

Certificates / Degrees

The Maricopa Community Colleges offer Certificates of Completion as well as Associate Degrees, one of which is conferred on each student who has completed a program of study. These certificates and degrees are as follows:

1. Certificate of Completion (Career Program Specified);
2. Academic Certificate;
3. General Education Certificate;
4. Associate in Arts;
5. Associate in Science;
6. Associate in Business;
7. Associate in General Studies;
8. Associate in Applied Science (Career Program Specified).

All candidates for a degree and/or certificate must complete the General Graduation Requirements as approved by the MCCCD Governing Board.

All students are urged to meet with a faculty advisor, program advisor, or counselor as soon as possible to determine which program meets their needs and to plan their course of study.

For more details and additional requirements and limitations please review the Catalog.

Cap & Gown

To participate in the commencement ceremony which is only held in May requires a $25.00 fee. This fee must be paid at Cashier Services.

The following items are included in this fee:

* Cap and gown
* Honor cords
* Five announcements
* Degree or certificate cover

Your Height: (Gowns are ordered based on height).

Your signature on the Graduation Application gives consent to publish your name in the college commencement program. For special circumstances, please contact the Admissions and Records office.

If you have specific questions about your program of study or graduation requirements, please contact your advisor or visit the Advisement office website.

Please contact Records & Registration for more information: (602) 787-7020

Steps to Graduate

  • You will need to submit a separate application for each degree/certificate.
    applications are available here
  • Attach a completed check sheet for each degree/certificate.
    check sheets are available here
  • Consult the Program Codes guide to find the correct number for your Program of Study.
    Major codes available here
  • It is strongly recommended that students schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor or Program Coordinator for a review of your check sheet.

if you took classes at another University, 2 Year College or other Maricopa Community College in addition to your PVCC coursework which will be applied toward your degree, you must request official transcripts and ask that they be evaluated & posted to your PVCC record.

* Apply for official transcripts from all institutions. Official transcripts from Maricopa County Community Colleges are free.  

* You can also request a transcript online using

To participate in the commencement ceremony which is only held in May requires a $25.00 fee (one-time fee refundable up to two weeks prior to graduation). This fee must be paid at Cashier Services by March 1st or you may pay online using

The following items are included in this fee:

    * Cap and gown
    * Honor cords
    * Five announcements
    * Degree or certificate cover

A notification letter will be mailed approximately thirty days prior to the day of the ceremony detailing this event.

This is a good time to be sure you have no outstanding balances, fees, or traffic fines before you submit your graduation application. Any debts within the Maricopa Colleges must be cleared before a degree/certificate can be awarded.

Submit a separate application for each degree/certificate and the completed check sheet to the Records & Registration/Enrollment Services office prior to the posted deadline dates to:

    Paradise Valley Community College
    18401 North 32nd Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    ATTN: Records & Registration - Graduation

Due dates for graduation application are:
Fall - November 1st     |     Spring - March 1st     |    Summer - June 1st

Applicants will receive notification in their student message center from the Records & Registration office regarding application status.

Applicants have thirty days after the anticipated graduation date to remove all academic deficiencies on their record. Applicants who are not eligible for degree/certificate must re-apply.

The Ceremony

* Friday, May 12, 2017.
* Program will begin at 7:00 p.m.
* The ceremony will last approximately 1.5 hours.
* Location: Dream City Church Phoenix 13613 N. Cave Creek Rd Phoenix, AZ 85022
The event will be streamed live on the day of the ceremony - Live Stream Page

Student Check-In

* Student check-in is at 6:15 p.m.
* Check-in is set up by last name
* Cards are alphabetized by last name
* Line up begins at 6:30 p.m. and is by row
* The line will begin marching at 7:00 p.m.
* Programs will be on your chair
* Bottled water will be available in the Student Check in Room
* Interpreters for the hearing impaired can be viewed from the video screen
* Honor designations are as of the end of the fall semester for spring graduates
* Names are read by the Vice President along with your degree/certificate, honors, and/or affiliations
* Cards are pre-printed

Special Accommodations

* Seating - you can invite as many people as you'd like.
* Seating is available on a first come-first served basis.
* Disabled seating for guests is available.
* Disabled seating for graduates is available. Please indicate on your petition.

Professional commencement photos will be taken by Grad Images. You may register in advance to view proofs and/or place an order at

Maps & Parking

All parking lots are open and available for you and your guests. No "stickers" or parking passes are required. Parking Map - pdf


* PVCC is hosting a reception for you and your family members immediately following the ceremony

Code of Conduct

* Be respectful of other graduates
* No smoking except in designated areas
* No cell phones or pagers - Please leave them with family or friends
* No animals except for service animals
* No children in line or in graduate seating areas

What to Wear

* Dress comfortably and appropriately
* Hat decorations okay as appropriate
* Ethnic symbols, sashes, ribbons are okay
* No cap/no gown = will not be allowed to walk