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Diversity Incorporated

The Diversity Incorporated Program will not be offered in Fall 2018. Please check back on December 2018 for any updates.

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Our Mission

Diversity Incorporated ’s central mission is to promote inclusivity in our community.  This therefore leads to:

  • A more accepting society and environment,
  • A positive environment that upholds every human right,
  • An embracement of the value diversity,
  • An improvement in individuals through the power of connection,
  • An increase in both justice and civility.

The Diversity Incorporated Program will be organized around a concept of diversity that is fluid and which can include multiple social and cultural identities, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, group affiliation, ability, national origin, and religion. Diversity Incorporated recognizes that within this list, at any given time and place, some individual or group characteristics are given higher focus and accommodation than others. The process of elevating some characteristics of identity can lead to the silencing of others, particularly if members of one group systematically neglect the perspectives and aspirations of others. A truly excellent academic community encourages respect and cooperation among groups and the vigorous debate and examination of new and competing ideas within a community that values shared governance.


Diversity Inc

  1. Diversity Incorporated will support student programming, strive to build leaders, and cultivate community development. Our facilitator-training program will provide tools for students aimed at continuing their leadership and personal development as they step into positions of leadership in their communities.
  2. The program recognizes the need to promote a campus culture that focuses on:
    • Engaging differences
    • Overcoming silence
    • Supporting the voice and visibility of all members.
  3. Another purpose of this program is to establish a student diversity advisory council on issues, policies and practices that affect PVCC’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and to promote awareness and discussion by forming collaborative relationships across campus through forums, events, and initiatives.

What is COM101?

Com 101 class

COM101 is a one-credit class that is held over 5 days total, it meets on Friday nights, and Saturdays for two full days. Your learning is facilitated by other college students, to help you feel comfortable and also create a fun learning environment. Also the learning comes in the way of simulations and activities to keep your days energizing and exciting.

COM101 is also known as the Student MOSAIC Series. It stands for Maximizing Our Strengths As an Inclusive Community. It will provide you with awareness, knowledge, skills, and application skills to become your best self and make a difference in your society. It talks about problems in the world today, how they come about, and what you personally can do to take action.

Its like an on site retreat, and its easy to connect and make friends. If you want to make an impact on the world, and be part of something bigger than yourself – this is the class for YOU!

COM101 MOSAIC Testimonials

“This class helped me see what is wrong in society and gave me tools to fix it.”

“This class was awesome you get to meet so many different people and you learn basically how to become an even better person”

“Anyone can feel at home and comfortable, it is a great learning experience. I made so many friends. I hope this class is required for ALL students!”

“COM101 MOSAIC was a wonderful experience I made a ton of new friends, and gained a whole new appreciation for cultural knowledge”

Diversity Inc“COM101 MOSAIC is a wonderful way to meet new friends, and learn how and why people feel they way they do. I’ve personally gotten a lot out of this experience and highly recommend others join. I think by taking this class the world will progress and be more inclusive to all people”

“I loved the people I met in this class, I believe the lessons I’ve learned will continually help me to confront prejudice and injustice at every corner!”

“I’m no longer afraid to stand up for what I believe in!”

"This is such a fun class, and it taught me the importance of listening to other people and seeing things from their perspective, and the instructors, facilitators, and classmates are all AWESOME!”

"This class taught me that in order to create change, you have to first confront yourself. Its showed me we all have a different lens to view life through, and that we need to embrace”

“COM101 creates a fun environment in which to learn, I was able to meet people and the facilitators are great, I’M GOING TO BE ONE, and JOIN DIVERSITY INCORPORATED!”