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Guideline for Public Expression on Campus


Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) and the Maricopa Community Colleges recognize and support the rights of students, employees, and community members to speak in public and to demonstrate in a lawful manner in designated areas of the campus and at designated times.

Through the development of partnerships with the community, PVCC has hosted numerous community members, including:

Free Speech

  • The City of Phoenix;
  • North Phoenix Baptist Church;
  • AZ Right to Life;
  • Jehovah's Witness;
  • The Conservative Business League;
  • Eckankar;
  • Vegan Outreach;
  • Petition Partners;
  • The Audubon Society;
  • End Malaria Now;
  • Alternation Church;
  • Gideon's International;
  • Arizona Pirg

Additionally, PVCC has been instrumental in providing educational opportunities that support Public Expression/Free Speech.

In order to maintain safety, security, and order, to ensure the orderly scheduling of campus facilities, and to preclude conflicts with academic and co-curricular activities, PVCC reserves the reasonable right to limit such activities by the following regulations regarding time, place and manner of such activities.

TIME: The time designated for public expression on campus is between Monday-Thursday from Dawn to Dusk, Fri-Sat from Dawn to 2pm, and on Sunday the college is closed. All days are subject to summer and holiday college closures.

PLACE: The college’s open forum space has been designated for the purposes of speakers, sponsored and un-sponsored, in order to avoid unreasonable conflict with the normal functions and requirements of the College and to assure that the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic will not be impeded.

  • To view the available zones for the PVCC Union Hills Campus, please click here.
  • To view PVCC Black Mountain Public Expression Areas, please click here.

MANNER: Demonstrations, speeches, displays, and debates may be held only in the specified areas. Authorization is granted based on space availability through the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

  • Notice must be received 24 hours in advance of the activity.  Requests made after this period cannot be guaranteed use of available tables and chairs. 
  • The use of amplification equipment is prohibited.

Public expression activities must not violate the College’s harassment policies or any other College policies (such as creating a Hostile Environment, or any of the other actions below). Public expression cannot jeopardize public or individual safety. The College reserves the right to relocate or suspend any assembly that violates College or District policy or regulation. The College recognizes that individuals or groups may be opposed to certain acts of public expression. Disagreement with different opinions is acceptable; however, hindering or obstructing such activity compromises the College's goal of creating an environment where issues can be openly discussed. An individual or group wishing to protest at an event may do so as long as the protest is held in accord with the “time, place, and manner” guidelines detailed above and the speaker’s ability to speak and the audience’s right to see and to hear a speaker are not unreasonably impeded.

A Hostile Environment can be created by anyone involved in a college program or activity (e.g., administrators, faculty members, students, and campus visitors or contractors). Mere offensiveness is not enough to create a Hostile Environment. Although repeated incidents increase the likelihood that harassment has created a Hostile Environment, a serious incident, such as a sexual assault, even if isolated, can be sufficient. 

Additionally this policy prohibits:

  • direct threats or physical intimidation
  • implications or suggestions of violence
  • stalking
  • assault of any form
  • physical restraint, confinement
  • dangerous or threatening horseplay
  • loud, disruptive, or angry behavior or language that is clearly not part of the typical work environment
  • blatant or intentional disregard for the safety or well-being of others
  • commission of a violent felony or misdemeanor on MCCCD property
  • abuse
  • violation of a protective order or restraining order
  • any other act that a reasonable person would perceive as constituting a threat of violence

This list is illustrative only and not exhaustive.

The Vice President of Student Affairs or the Director of Student Life and Leadership will be responsible for administering this policy. PVCC students who violate this policy are subject to judicial review and disciplinary sanctions. Non-college individuals acting in violation of this policy will be required to leave campus.

If you are requesting multiple dates, please note them below.

Please initial to indicate you have read and understood your responsibilities.

1.) All requests for space shall be granted on a first-come, first-served basis only upon completion of the requirements as described in the MCCCD Regulation: Permit Application.  Hours are from Dusk Until Dawn, Monday through Friday.

The content or subject of the proposed expressive activity or event will not affect approval of the application. Availability of space is not guaranteed. Reservations shall be approved on a space-available basis and will be addressed on a first come-first served basis, subject to the following priorities and criteria for the use and scheduling of space on campus grounds:

Scheduling Priorities (in order)

  1. The use of facilities and grounds for the operations of the College. For example, there are times when the college is unusually crowded by members of the campus community, such as registration and orientation at the beginning of the semester. Other uses may reasonably be precluded during those times.
  2. Activities and events sponsored by the College administration.
  3. Activities and events sponsored by MCCCD student organizations or employee groups.
  4. Activities of non-MCCCD-affiliated individuals and organizations.
  5. Commercial advertising or activities.


  1. Capacity of college grounds to accommodate the number of participants at the scheduled time and proposed location.
  2. Capacity of College Safety staff to provide security for all events and activities scheduled at the time.
  3. Possible interference or conflict with College operations or other scheduled activities and events on the grounds.
  4. General feasibility of hosting the event as proposed.

Requests can be denied if the reservation conflicts with prescheduled institutional events.

For additional questions or need information, please contact the Office of Student Life & Leadership.

Office of Student Life & Leadership
(602) 787-7240

2.) All public expression must take place in designated areas only (Click here to view the MCCCD Regulation: Designated Areas.) You may not approach students outside of the Public Expression Zones.