Events & Activities

Events and Activities

Black Minds Matter- February Series
Join us for a conversation discussing Education and Black Americans

Student Life, the MEN Program, and Women Rising around proud to sponsor viewings of Black Minds Matter during Thursdays and Fridays during the month of February.

Viewings will start on Friday, Feb 2nd

Black Minds Matter
Location: K103
Time: 12pm-2pm

Our last screaming will be this February 22nd!! Be welcome to join us! 

  • Promising Practices for Teaching and Learning 
    • February 22nd


Also be on the lookout for the following semesterly/yearly events:

  • Welcome Week- 1st Week of Every Semester
  • Community Vendor and Community Fair: 2nd Week of Every Semester
  • Club Rush: 3rd Week of Every Semester
  • Spirit Fest (Fall Semester) and Puma Palooza (Spring Semester)
  • Adopt a Family (November through December - Fall Semester)

Puma Palooza Flyer

We also offer tournaments and competitions

  • Flag Football- Spring
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Various Game Room Tournaments
  • Movie Nights and more!

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