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Microcomputer Accounting

Microcomputer Accounting
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2002 Fall
Final term: 
2016 Summer
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The Certificate of Completion in Microcomputer Accounting will provide graduates with a background in accounting and microcomputer-oriented data processing courses. The program will train people for accounting occupations requiring sophisticated use of the microcomputer as a tool.

Program notes

++ indicates any module/suffixed courses.

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ACC111Accounting Principles I 3
ACC112Accounting Principles II 3
ACC115Computerized Accounting 2
ACC212Managerial Accounting 3
ACC222Payroll Accounting 3
BPC117++Micro-Database Management (Any module) 3
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) 3
CIS133DAInternet/Web Development Level I 3
CIS159Visual Basic Programming I (3) OR
CIS162ACVisual C++: Level I (3) OR
CIS163AAJava Programming: Level I (3) 3
GBS151Introduction to Business 3
GBS233Business Communication 3
MAT120Intermediate Algebra (5) OR
MAT122Intermediate Algebra (3) OR
Satisfactory completion of a higher level mathematics course 3-5
  1. Apply the theory of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures by collecting, processing, and reporting information for users of financial statements. (ACC111)
  2. Apply the theory of generally accepted accounting principles by recording and reporting financial information for partnerships and corporations. (ACC112)
  3. Establish and maintain a commercially prepared microcomputer accounting system including the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. (ACC115)
  4. Create, edit, and print electronic spreadsheet using business math formulas. (BPC110 OR CIS105)
  5. Create, edit, sort, and update file data and generate valid reports using single and multiple files. (BPC117++)
  6. Describe computer information systems, apply fundamental computer concepts and use common business application programs. (BPC110 OR CIS105)
  7. Prepare a flowchart, write, and test and debug a program using an appropriate computer language to solve a state problem. (CIS159 OR CIS162AC OR CIS163AA)
  8. Define terminology, characteristics, and functions of business in a free enterprise system. (GBS151)
  9. Communicate effectively in writing and orally in a manner appropriate to the business situation. (GBS233)
  10. Use word processing software to create and name files, enter and edit text, and format and print text. (BPC110 OR CIS105)
  11. Create business charts and graphs, abstract art, graphic design, and plot math equations. (BPC110 OR CIS105)
  12. Demonstrate the use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in writing. (GBS233)
  13. Graph line equations appropriate to accounting. (MAT120 OR MAT122 OR higher level MAT course)
  14. Use basic commands and functions of Windows to control, operate, and mange files on a microcomputer.(BPC110 OR CIS105)
  15. Demonstrate use of Internet search tools. (CIS133DA)
  16. Prepare payroll and reports. (ACC222)
  17. Develop and analyze accounting information for managerial planning. (ACC212)
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