Business, Finance and Marketing

Business, Finance and Marketing

Business and commerce drives the world’s economy and have the greatest impact on our lives, locally and globally.  It focuses on careers that direct financial, human and materials resources towards a goal of profitability.

With a solid background and understanding of business principles, you will have a wealth of career opportunities and choices. However, it can be very competitive and complex. It’s not just enough to know the basic and essential business principles; you will need to have the ability to communicate effectively on many levels and understand the political, ethical and legal aspects of business.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Larger companies and organizations are usually structured and very process and procedure oriented. This creates an environment that assures consistent standards of employee management, client/customer relations, and goods and services. These employers seek and value students of business programs that have learned and understand the core principles of business operations and profitability.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits also benefit from college education and degrees.  The knowledge of business operations can help establish and develop these companies, preparing them for success and growth.  Core business principals, strategic decision-making and goal-setting are essential components of profitability, even if you’re a sole proprietorship, family business, partnership or community organization.

Finance is closely related to accounting but focuses on the strategies, management and analysis of money. Business and individuals rely heavily on financial advisors and analysts to make decisions on how to grow income and minimize losses. Again, communication, business etiquette and ethics are essential skills needed in financial fields.

Marketing has many facets to career avenues including sales, advertising, graphic design, media, communications, market research, trend and data analysis, public relations and social media. For these fields, creativity is a key component, but with a strong emphasis on measurable results.