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Find Your People, Join a Student Club

Find Your People, Join a Student Club

As part of our Puma Commitment here at Paradise Valley Community College, students are encouraged to engage, get involved and be a part of our community. We believe PVCC has something for everyone. Discover the many ways we celebrate diversity here at PVCC through our clubs and organizations, civic engagement, events and activities, and leadership council. First step is to reach out to Student Life and Leadership Office; it’s your biggest cheerleader.

“Student Life is a great way to meet people, feel empowered, and make a difference,” said Mike Ho, Student Services manager. “Clubs are a ‘learning lab’ and as a member of a club, students experience hands-on learning and thought-provoking encounters that help them to develop meaningful, lifelong educational relationships that help students reach their full potential.”

PVCC Student Clubs include:

  • Hispanic Student Association (HSA) encourages our Hispanic, Latino/a/x/e, and Chicano/a/x students to come together and bring the best of each other to serve not only ourselves but our community, with the best of our roots. HSA strives to create a sense of belonging, become a support group for our Hispanic, Latino/a/x/e, and Chicano/a/x students at PVCC, embrace our cultural roots, and these students through their academic journey and beyond.
  • PVCC’s PRIDE group helps celebrate and promote diversity throughout the faculty, staff, volunteers, and students of PVCC and aims to break down some of the walls that divide our communities. Additionally, we provide a safe space where members can be free from judgment to be themselves, explore new pronouns and build community. Some past activities have included walking in the Phoenix Pride Parade, hosting RipplePhx's Loteria on campus, and Drag Queen Storytime at the Festival of Tails.
  • Women’s Rising is dedicated to helping students succeed through participation in activities that promote empowerment, leadership and sisterhood. We strive to enrich the lives and experiences of our female students by providing academic guidance, personal development experiences, and activities aimed at cultural exposure and professional networking opportunities.
  • Male Empowerment Network (MEN) is designed to improve enrollment, retention and degree completion/transfer rates of multicultural male students by providing a multi-faceted approach that promotes personal and professional development, encourages academic achievement, and provides support for them to enroll in college, stay in college, graduate, and achieve their goals. MEN is committed to working collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of our diverse male student population.


Club Rush Happens in September

With more than two dozen clubs and organizations to choose from you are bound to find your perfect fit. Club Rush will be held 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. September 6 -8, spotlighting a variety of clubs and organizations here on campus. Displays will remain up overnight as well. Additionally, Student Life has a Club Meeting Room, which allows students to have a conference room that creates a sense of belonging for all clubs and their members.

Benefits of Joining a Club

  • Cultivate diverse leadership strategies and skills
  • Form behavioral modifications to enhance personal wellness
  • Develop and utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Expound effective oral and written communication skills
  • Recognize and apply time and stress management strategies for balancing education, service, work and leisure
  • Create intercultural competence and skills needed to live, work and serve in a diverse society
  • Apply civic responsibility, leadership values, and skills with a specific emphasis on leadership for social change

For more information, email or stop by Room 1303 in the KSC building.

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