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Feel Engaged and Empowered Through PVCC's Student Life

Feel Engaged and Empowered Through PVCC's Student Life

As our Puma Community begins to return to campus and engage in classes, events, clubs, and more, students should definitely stop into Student Life to learn more about various campus events. Paradise Valley Community College is a place for self discovery and your own personal journey to success. No matter if you have an hour to spare or endless time, every student can have a full experience and a purpose while engaging in co-curricular activities.

“There is so much opportunity and so many resources available to you that no matter how much effort and commitment you are able to put into it, you will definitely get something out of it,” said Dr. Jen Miller, PVCC’s Dean of Student Affairs.

Miller categorizes students’ involvement three ways:

  1. Dip Your Toes In the Water

We get it, you’re busy. Many of you are juggling school with work, families, and more priorities. When you come up for air, attend a concert or a panel discussion, sit with someone new in the Puma cafe, find a study buddy, or visit a student organization meeting.

  1. Swim a Few Laps

Jumping in and swimming some laps are for those that have a little more time to spare and want to take that next step. Perhaps have a discussion at a Field of Interest (FOI) table, join a club, or volunteer at one of PVCC’s events including the monthly food distribution or the Festival of Tales.

  1. Race and Be a Contender

You’ve already won if you’re competing. At this level of involvement you might be interested in leading a club, starting a new club, joining student government, or participating in a leadership development program. The sky’s the limit.

“No matter your commitment level, just putting yourself out there is what matters,” Miller said. “The more you make PVCC your home and take advantage of the resources and opportunities that are yours, the more you will get out of your academic and career goals.”

“PVCC is your canvas and what you put into it will determine what you get out of it,” said Mike Ho, Student Life director. “Clubs are a learning lab indicative of hands-on learning and thought-provoking encounters that help develop meaningful, lifelong educational relationships that help students reach their full potential. As we emerge from our Covid-induced hibernation, we are excited to be back to campus and be engaging, leading, and empowering.”

For more information on how you can get involved, stop by Student Life, located in the KSC building on PVCC’s Union Hills campus, 18401 N. 32nd St. in northeast Phoenix, or visit the website and scroll to the bottom of the home page for upcoming events. 




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