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PVCC’s Career Services Sets Students Up for Success

PVCC’s Career Services Sets Students Up for Success

After college, taking the leap into the ‘real world’ can be scary. But thanks to Paradise Valley Community College’s comprehensive career services, graduates should feel confident and at ease. Anything you need help with, the career center’s professional staff has got your back.

John McCrudden, career services coordinator at PVCC, says the two main questions students ask regularly are “What jobs will I qualify for with my degree?” and “How can I find an internship or a job?”

“The marketplace demands experience as well as education, so it’s great that our students are already anticipating their next steps,” said McCrudden. “Students should be engaged and always looking for ways to apply the skills they are learning in class,” he said, suggesting students get involved in student clubs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and jobs.

PVCC’s Career Services allows students to explore career options based on interests, skills, values, and knowledge. Students can:

  • Learn workplace skills;
  • Obtain career related experiential learning experiences;
  • Develop a professional presence;
  • Initiate post-graduation career plans such as transfer undergraduate education, graduate/professional education, and employment.

Students can also participate in live webinars on various topics including how to job search, how to create a resume, developing networking skills, and tackling interviewing skills. For those students wishing for more one-on-one guidance, they can set up an appointment, currently being held virtually. In these appointments, advisers will answer their questions as well as walk students through a mock interview to prepare them for job interviews.

Job Shadowing Coming Fall 2021

Beginning in Fall 2021, Career Services will also offer ‘job shadowing’ with PVCC alumni for students interested in verifying if a particular field is a good fit for them. McCrudden is currently looking for mentors to fill these roles. Mentors can engage in various ways including by email, phone, LinkedIn, in-person or virtually. Those interested in becoming a Job Shadow Mentor can find out more by contacting or go to and create an account.

PVCC is invested in your success and wants to witness you achieve your academic dreams. For more information on various resources available to you, visit or call 602-787-7073

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