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PVCC’s Career Center Advances Student Internships

PVCC’s Career Center Advances Student Internships

While earning your degree or certificate at Paradise Valley Community College, consider finding an internship in your field of interest to elevate your appeal in the real world. Working in an internship is a great way to network, meet others in your chosen career, and gain hands-on experience – all great for future employment.

“Having an internship under your belt makes you more attractive to potential hiring managers,” said John McCrudden, career services coordinator. “Our advisors work with incredible students from diverse backgrounds and help land them internships that have helped place them on the path to success in their chosen field.”

For example, PVCC Student Avery Sheppard, who is currently interning at Bravous Esports, said  “John McCrudden helped me flush out my resume and discuss interview expectations. We did a mock interview to help me feel more comfortable and it really helped.” He learned about the internship through his Game Development Professor Ryan Stone, however, spent time with his advisor preparing for his internship interview.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the experience learning new marketing skills, leadership skills, and team building,” he said, adding, “I’m excited to be growing my network in the game industry and hope to continue on with Bravous even after the internship ends.”

PVCC’s Career Services provides comprehensive career development services for students and community members to explore different career options based on the individual's interests, skills, values, and knowledge. Experiential Education (internships) is just one of the core functions at Career Services. Others include:

  • Career Development workshops
  • Career Exploration
  • Events and Job Fairs
  • Employee Relations
  • Community Partnerships
  • Academic/College Relations

Thaynara Hattendorf also discovered her internship through McCrudden in Career Services. Hattendorf is actually a Scottsdale Community College student but contacted PVCC’s advising staff to find her internship.

“I received the Verizon Scholarship and have been working with Parsus Solutions for about a month and the company is fantastic,” she said. “I feel lucky to work at a company that is so welcoming and treats me like family. John (McCrudden) and Jay Frazen were essential in my experience and I would recommend career services for those seeking an internship or job before finishing their courses.”

For the coming Fall 2021 semester, Verizon is once again offering a $1000 scholarship for IT students. Contact for more information. Advisors are currently meeting with students via google meet or by phone.

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