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Looking to Transfer to a 4-Year College? Here’s What You Should Know

Looking to Transfer to a 4-Year College? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are planning on transferring from PVCC to a four-year college or university, don’t worry - you’re in good hands! Working with PVCC’s Transfer department will help ease the process. You’ve got enough to focus on with your studies, take a deep breath and know we’ve got you covered.

Generally speaking, transferring from a two-year college to a four-year college is somewhat of a simple process. PVCC has agreements set up with our in-state schools - Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona in Tempe, as well as many out-of-state schools - regarding transfer credits and programs. These agreements identify specific courses that are equivalent at both institutions and also the number of credits that are transferable. By having defined guidelines, there aren’t any surprises.

Another advantage to ease your mind is standardized test scores - you know those pesky SAT and ACT scores - are not weighed as heavily as when graduating high school seniors. College admissions for transfer students tend to pay closer attention to your GPA, so make sure you are putting as much emphasis into your community college classes as you would your university classes.

PVCC advisors and transfer counselors can help you navigate the path step-by-step. Most importantly, pick your major early and make a plan. In the meantime, here are a few pointers on writing that unavoidable college essay to help you stand out and make a big impression.

Tell Them About Yourself

When applying for a transfer, it is important to clearly communicate the reason for your transfer. Share a bit of background on why you chose to begin at a community college and why you are choosing to continue your education.

Make a Statement

When writing your college essay, you want to grab their attention immediately. The title should pop and the story should back up the title. Create a story in which you share an experience that lifted you up; a story that shows growth on your part and that you learned something about yourself.

Add Color to Your Story

While your essay should be compelling and reveal tenacity and motivation, it should also incorporate humor, vulnerability, and above all else, authenticity. You’ve got your work cut out for you, but so long as you hone in on being truthful, you’ll get the job done.

Do Your Homework

We’re not talking about your take-home assignments; we’re talking about learning about the school you wish to attend. Take the time to research your major and learn about the program their school offers.

Check and Double Check

Always have someone proofread your essay before you submit it. You’ve done the hard part; you don’t want to blow it with typos and grammatical errors.

For more information regarding transferring to a four-year institution, contact PVCC.

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