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Salvaging Our Mental Health, You’re Not Alone

Salvaging Our Mental Health, You’re Not Alone

With certainty, the ongoing global pandemic has had a major impact on each and every one of our mental health. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff, we all have lives and families affected by the global shutdown, isolation, and unknown future.


WebMD reports in a recent poll that of their 3,100+ readers, more than a fourth of them feel a sense of trauma from Covid-19. Seems extreme? Experts say, not really. It’s not surprising at all that the pandemic has not only taken a toll on us physically, but mentally due to the level of uncertainty it has created.


Paradise Valley Community College’s counselors are here for you and encourage you to accept that anxiety, depression, loneliness, and loss are common during this time. What you are feeling is universal. Check out the article from the Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center posted on PVCC’s counseling page.


Tips to Minimize Covid-19’s Impact


  • Get out!

Breathe some fresh air, take a walk, a hike, bike ride, anything outdoors. Even though it's still warm, get that blood pumping.

  • Reach out!

Call, email, text; stay connected to loved ones, peers. Many establishments are beginning to open up to limited capacity or outdoor service; try to get out and feel normal.

  • Tune out!

Meditate; create a mantra regarding your purpose at PVCC, stay focused and find gratitude.

  • Check out!

Limit social media and media exposure. There is so much uncertainty about this virus, it can be overwhelming.

  • Chill out!

Discover hobbies and pamper yourself; try a mask, a bubble bath, a good meal.

  • Plan out! Use a calendar and make a schedule. Working from home, days and weeks can blend together; give everyday a purpose and schedule.


Most importantly, be kind to yourself to reduce pressure to be super productive all the time. PVCC is hosting a free virtual yoga class via Instagram 11 a.m., October 7 with our yoga instructor Angela Ambrose. Share 10 minutes of your time for a gentle guided practice to calm your body and mind.


These are unprecedented times and we are all navigating the unknown. For more tips and advice call 602-787-6540 make an appointment with a PVCC counselor. We are currently seeing students virtually by phone or video conferencing.

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