Marketing and Communications

How to Submit News

How to Submit News, Story Ideas or Events

We encourage PVCC faculty, staff and students to submit news, story ideas or events they feel may be of interest to others outside the college. When you submit an idea, remember the five W’s: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Answer these five W’s, and you provide us with a good start in developing the background and story pitches for our local media. Think about:

  • What makes the story unique or newsworthy?
  • Is there any visual excitement to the story?

Provide us with as much detail as possible and make sure you include a contact phone number and/or e-mail where we can follow up with you should we have questions prior to releasing the information to the media.

We will review requests that come into this mailbox.

News requests or submissions do not guarantee publication.
The media ultimately decide who and what stories they will cover