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Dr. Sandra Hinski

Dr. Sandra Hinski

Dr. Sandra HinskiDean of Academic Affairs, Career and Technical Education

Dr. Sandra Hinski has over 11 years of experience in higher education with over 25 years in different capacities of the health professions area.  She served as the interim Dean of CTE at Paradise Valley Community College since February where she has provided support and leadership to both instructional and occupational programs as well as instructional support service areas. 

Prior to serving as dean, Dr. Hinski was a division chair at GateWay Community College where she led six CTE Programs with professional accreditations. Other leadership roles include Program Director, Director of Clinical Education, Curriculum Development Facilitator, guided pathways steering committee lead, 4DX coach and team lead, and a senator for the faculty senate. Dr. Hinski has vast experience developing partnerships and industry collaborations that support the workforce development needs of the college.  She leads with a shared governance philosophy that helps guide her strategic planning for programs.

Dr. Hinski’s academic experience includes teaching, grant writing, course and program assessment, budget management, applying for and maintaining programmatic accreditation, and curriculum design. She has a Ph.D. in Human Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, an MS in Health Sciences, and a BS in Biology and Chemistry, both from Georgia State University. Her free time is spent with her family, traveling, hiking, and cooking.