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Black History Month: Alumni Panel

Black History Month: Alumni Panel


"You are the author of your destiny, do not let someone else write your story."  -  Victor Atchison 

"Being a black woman is already a double minority label especially when you are part of a dominantly white based education system. When I joined PV I saw a representation of many cultures and minority cultivism that I felt at ease about who I am and who I represented. Joining groups such as Women Rising and being able to assist the Male Empowerment Network was another outlet for the POC community that gave us a light in the higher education platform that I was able to take with me to my current university. I grew the courage to make my voice be heard to help others in similar places feel empowered to speak their mind and want inclusion represented on their campuses" - Nia McMillon

Inspiring Stories were presented by PVCC Alumni highlighting their educational journey and career path.

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