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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, February 11th-February 20th

Entrepreneurship Week

Tuesday, February 11th

10:30AM – 10:45AM Welcome: Dr. Paul Dale

10:45AM – 10:50AM Introduction: Michaelle Shadburne

10:50AM – 11:45AM You Don’t Have to be Ruthless to Win, KSC 100A, Jonathan Keyser, Keynote Speaker, Founder and CEO of Keyser, the fastest growing Inc. 5000 company and the proud Host of Conscious Capitalism; Author of the best-selling book, You Don’t Have to be Ruthless to Win

1:00PM – 2:30PM Business Masterminding : Heather Rausch, Founder of Foxfire Events, The EEC (K117)

2:30PM-5:00PM – Innovation Challenge Bootcamp: Kishore Dash, The EEC (K117)

Wednesday, February 12th

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Design Thinking across the Curriculum: David Weaver, The EEC (K-117) 

2:30PM-5:00PM – Innovation Challenge Bootcamp:  Kishore Dash, The EEC (K117)

Thursday, February 13th

9:00AM – 10:15AM – Innovation in Healthcare: Abigail Rusu, Tatum Voeller, E-148

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Finding the Best Business Name through the power of Numerology: Tina Miller, The EEC (K-117)

Tuesday, February 18th

9:00AM-10:15AM – Z Imagine Pitch: Caron Dada, Q 120 

10:30AM – 11:45AM – The Neurobiology of Changing Your, or Anyone Else’s, Mind: Jon Hayashi, The EEC (K-117)

12:00PM – 1:15PM – Financial Analysis: The Big Picture: Lynn Clark, The EEC (K-117)

10:30AM – 12:30PM – Social Entrepreneurship: Reyna Montoya (Founder of Aliento) and Luis Avila (Founding President of Iconico), KSC 1000A, To be hosted by Dr. Paul Dale

12:00PM – 1:40PM – How to Protect Your On-line Info against Cyberattacks: Sean Petty, E-132

Wednesday, February 19th

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Linkedin Workshop: Norma Chandler, KSC?

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Careers in Business: James Rubin, Dina Preston-Ortiz, Lynn Clark, Kishore Dash, Isaac Torres,  Q-120

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Ambiguity in the Workplace: Cynthia Diefert,  M-232

12:00PM – 1:15PM – Leadership and Positive Social Change: James Rubin, Q-120

12:00PM – 1:00PM – Music Theory: Ken Mendez, Chris Scinto, The EEC (K-117)

2:00PM – 3:15PM – Creating an Object Using Object-oriented Programming: David Smith, E-136

Thursday, February 20th

10:30AM – 11:45AM – Social Media Marketing Basics: Giselle Aguiar, Social Media, Content & Digital Marketing Strategist, Consultant, Coach & Trainer, The EEC (K-117)

10:00AM – 11:15AM – Entrepreneurship in Theatre: Andrea Robertson, M-151

12:00PM – 1:15PM – Interest Rates and your Business- Impact Analysis: Bahman Maneshni, J-136

12:30PM-3:00PM – PVCC Innovation Challenge Competition, The EEC (K-117)

5:00PM-6:00PM – Girls Who Code: Dr. Raji Lauffer, E-134