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Recorded monologues (any genre) should be submitted to by October 14th.

All rehearsals will happen remotely and the show will be recorded from home with checked out equipment and then streamed in December.


Adapted from Agatha Christie’s “The Case of the Careless Client” 
And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Musgrave Ritual”



Herculene Poirot grew up learning about crime and investigation from her great-uncle, the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. But, when Ms. Poirot stumbles upon a murder in her hotel, she must solve her first case with a new mentor. As the truth begins to unravel, Poirot must find the killer before he follows through on his threats, or finds a new victim.


In the present day, Dr. Watson recounts a most extraordinary tale to our host, Manning.  Sherlock is vacationing in Phoenix when he receives a call from and old friend, Reggie Musgrave, urgently requesting his help. Musgrave’s butler, Brunton has gone missing. A mysterious riddle leads to a startling discovery. The game is most certainly afoot.

NOTE: Some of these characters can be gender switched and age will be based on casting.

Characters (Poirot)

Herculene Poirot: Young french exchange student. Trained by her great uncle, Poirot. Eye for detail, confident demeanor. Speaks with a slight accent.

Abigail Fletcher: Hotel guest. Mystery enthusiast.

Detective Stevens: Seasoned detective and mentor to Herculene. Experienced, committed, slightly mysterious.

Hilary Kent/Johnathan Parrish: Hilary Kent - psychopath, murderer and con-artist. Pretending to be Parrish, a currency expert who guards his privacy.

Johnny: Student, hotel elevator operator. Polite, helpful, but cautious.

Laura Parrish: Adult daughter of Johanthan Parrish, visiting her father in town.

Clerk: Apartment agency clerk in a dead-end job.

Characters (Holmes)

Mr. / Ms. Manning: The show’s Host. Curious and eager to learn more about the pair’s adventures. 

Dr. Watson: Holmes’ sidekick, meticulous (Think Felix in “The Odd Couple”) and a natural storyteller.

Sherlock Holmes: Attentive and highly observant. A friend to Reginald. Quick witted and confident. Slightly arrogant, but never wrong. 

Reginald Musgrave: Scion of a wealthy family, original settlers of the Arizona Territory. Semi-snooty without realizing it; not curious by nature; a bit dull. Constantly amazed by Sherlock’s power of deductive reasoning.

Alfred: The Butler, not the REAL butler, he’s just standing in for Brunton. Formerly the groundskeeper. 

Rachel Howells: The housekeeper, in her 20s, old-fashioned, devastated but determined. Hopelessly infatuated with Brunton. Naive. 

Brunton: Musgrave’s assistant, early late 30s - early 40s, ladies’ man, cad, ambitious. Brunton believes himself to be smarter than everyone else and is confident in his ability to improve his station in life.