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7th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration

7th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration

Ms. Junya Shao - a world famous ceramic artist and national ceramic industry technical expert from Yixing, Jiangxi, China (the world capital of teapots) will share her many years of knowledge and expertise of tea, tea pots, tea ceremony, tea culture and more. Junya has participated in more than 30 important exhibitions in China, U.S., Canada and the U.K. and has done more than 50 workshops internationally, and won over ten various ceramic awards in China and the U.S.

With live demonstration, multimedia, and a showcase of her handmade unique Zisha clay Yixing teapots, Junya will take you through history and discuss the origin of tea (its variety, production, and benefits), its export from China to the rest of the world (e.g., Japan and England), and its importance in trade and culture. Typically, Junya will emphasize the Zen Tea Ceremony, a kind of life etiquette with tea as the medium, and a life style of cultivating one’s morality with tea.

In addition, come to learn from Junya on how she uses the Zisha clay (Purple clay, a natural product), with traditional tools and slab technique to hand make her teapots, transforming a thin paddled slab into a perfectly symmetrical form and evoking a dialogue between the Eastern sensibilities and the Western traditions of form.

2016 She was named the crafts in 2016, and won the second session of Chinese ceramic vocational skills contest “ceramic product designers” won the third prize in the competition, awarded the honorary title of “National ceramic industry technical expert.”

2002-2018, Her works got two gold, three silver and two bronze medals on the 7th to 11th Chinese National ceramic art and design innovation appraisal.

Her works have been collected by Taxes Angelo Museum, Ceramic Research Center of ASU Art Museum, Phoenix Airport Museum, De Young Museum, CA, Hungarian International Ceramic Studio, etc.