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Technology Student Self Help

PVCC’s Technology Helpdesk is available to help you work through some of the technological barriers that may come up during your online experience. Please choose from the list of questions below to help troubleshoot your issue.  If at any time, you are unsure of what to do please call the Technology Helpdesk at 602-787-7780.
The Technology Helpdesk Hours during Fall/Spring Semesters are:
Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm

  • What's an MEID and what's it for?
    • Your MEID or Maricopa Enterprise Identification is what PVCC uses to identify you and your account. It usually consists of the First 3 letters of your name followed by 2 more letters and then a series of numbers (e.g. abcde12345). MEID's may vary.
  • How do I set up my MEID and password?
    • If you are a first time student or returning student, go to and select "First Time Users Start Here", select the option that applies to you to setup account.
  • What if I forgot my MEID?
    • If you forget your MEID you can go to and click on the "Reset MEID" password link, then click on the "Forgot your MEID" link.
  • What if I forgot or need to reset my password?
    • You can reset your password at any time. You can access the password reset tool here.
  • What is my email address?
    • Your student email address is "Your MEID"
  • Where do I go to access my email?
    • Student email can be accessed from the link within your MyMaricopa student center or the link at
  • Can I forward my email to another address?
    • Yes, you can forward your email to another address. For more information on forwarding emails, click here.
  • Can I create a folder in my email?
    • You cannot create folders in MyMaricopa email but what is called "Labels" can be assigned to incoming emails.
  • I am now married. Can I change my name in my email?
    • Official name changes are not available for email accounts through MyMaricopa.
  • What is my username and password?
    • You will log in with your MEID and password
  • Why can't I see the PVCC wifi network on my computer?
    • Make sure your wireless is turned on, find the program that controls your wireless card, make sure you can see the wireless network "pvc-wifi" and tell the computer to connect.
  • Why can I load the login page, but I keep failing to log in?
    • Make sure you have clicked to agree to our campus wifi terms of service. If issues continue, clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.
  • Why can't I get to the login page to load?
    • This issue could be caused by your web browser, we suggest downloading the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Can I print from the wireless network?
    • Printing is not available from the pvc-wifi wireless network
  • Can I access pvc-wifi with more than one device at a time?
    • Due to restrictions only two devices per MEID are allowed to connect at the same tim