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Help Desk FAQ - Employees

Technology Employees Self Help

PVCC’s Technology Helpdesk is available to help you work through some of the technological barriers that may come up during your online experience. Please choose from the list of questions below to help troubleshoot your issue.  If at any time, you are unsure of what to do please call the Technology Helpdesk at 602-787-7780.

The Technology Helpdesk Hours during Fall/Spring Semesters are:
Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm

  • Am I able to check out equipment from the PVCC Technology Helpdesk?
    • If you are in a permanent position or Faculty with proper authorization, you can check out equipment from the Technology Helpdesk
  • Am I permitted to install software on checkout equipment?
    • Yes, software may be installed on equipment that is checked out
  • What equipment can I check out from the PVCC Technology Helpdesk?
    • Dual Boot (Mac OS/Windows 7) Laptops, iPad’s and iClicker sets are available for check out. Please contact the helpdesk for availability.
  • How long can I check out the equipment?
    • Equipment can be checked out for up to fourteen days, or thirty days with presidential approval. You can download the checkout form here.
  • Which signatures are required for me to check out equipment?
    • If the checkout is on campus, then only the employee's signature is required
    • For fourteen days or less, both the department chair/supervisor and a vice president's signatures are required
    • For thirty days or more, the department chair/supervisor, a vice president, and the president's signatures are required
  • Am I able to check out software from the PVCC Technology Helpdesk?
    • You must be a Board-Approved staff or faculty member at PVCC to check out software for home use, the software request form can be found here
  • Are my students able to check out software that I'm teaching in class?
    • Due to limited licensing, students are not permitted to check out software from PVCC's Technology Helpdesk
  • May I make a backup copy of the software I check out?
    • Backup copies of software is not permitted due to copyright law. Please contact the Technology Helpdesk if another copy of checked out software is needed
  • What software is available to check out?
    • For a list of software available to check out, please contact the Technology Helpdesk
  • Is there a time limit for how long I can check out the software?
    • Software checked out from Technology Helpdesk must be returned within two days
  • Is there a limit to how many copies I can check out?
    • Only one copy per software program may be checked out at one time
  • I am teaching a class how do I request account credit?
    • You can submit a request to have your account credited here. Make sure to include class information and your MEID in the request
  • What is my user name to access my print account?
    • You can access your user account by typing in either your MEID or the Barcode on the back of your ID that you received from Public Safety. The barcode usually consists of the beginning three numbers "159" and is approximately 13 digits long
  • I can't see the pvc-wi-fi network on my computer.
    • Make sure your wireless is turned on, find the program that controls your wireless card, make sure you can see the wireless network "pvc-wifi" and tell the computer to connect.
  • I can load the login page, but I keep failing authentication.
    • Make sure you have clicked to agree to our campus wifi terms of service, if issue continues clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.
  • Do I have to log out when I am finished using the wireless network?
    • After 45-60 minutes of inactivity the pvc-wi-fi wireless network will automatically close your session.
  • Can I print from the wireless network?
    • Printing is not available from the pvc-wi-fi wireless network.
  • Can I access pvc-wi-fi with more than one device at a time?
    • Due to certain restrictions at this point only two devices per ID are allowed to connect at a time.