Information Technology

Student Pay for Print

  • Save your work in your Google Drive, where you can access it on any device for editing or presentation.
  • Free scanning is available to all students on any Pay for Print device located on campus
  • Preview your print jobs before submission. Print only the pages you need. 

Go to the Computer Commons to get your ID badge printed.

Swipe your ID card using the magnetic stripe card reader located on the copier.

Insert cash, bills no change, into one of the deposit machines located in the Library or Computer Commons. Do not add more than $5.00 to your account. Add only the amount you think you'll need. PVCC is not responsible for lost cards or PIN numbers that are used by others to access your account. It is your responsibility to ensure your account information and funds in the account are safe.

Go to the Computer Commons to get a replacement. Call the Helpdesk at 602.787.7780 to have your account frozen so no one else can use your money for printing.

Ask a support staff member in the Pay for Print location and they can help you with account management issues.

Go to the Cashier's Office located in the Welcome Center of KSC building.

You can't print. Very few exceptions will be made to allow you to print in an emergency.

Refunds of money left in your account should you leave PVCC will only be considered for amounts of $10 or more, and require approval by a Dean or Vice President. Please do not keep any more than $5.00 in your account.