College Grants

Basic Overview of the MCCCD Grants Process

PVCC Grants Office works with faculty and staff, and District Grants Development and Management Department in preparing the highest quality of proposal that best reflects PVCC as a premier learning institution and the values that we stand for.  In order to accomplish this, specific proposal development and reporting procedures must be followed.  The following the basic grant development process.   

Pre – Award

  • College employees contact PVCC Grants Development and Management Office for program and process information and technical support.
  • Complete Pre-submission Form and obtain approval signatures/permission to apply.
  • College or program personnel plan project and develop proposal.
  • College administrators (Vice President of the program personnel, College Grant Office, and College President) review and provide approvals and signatures, and finalize proposal. 
  • College Grant Office submits the proposal with Proposal Approval Summary Form and Project Administrator Form, at least ten business days in advance of the grant deadline, to District Grant Office by hand, interoffice, mail or email.
  • All proposals must be submitted to the District Grants Office for preliminary review and feedback a minimum of 10 business days prior to submission to the funding source.
  • Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs makes final approve for grant proposals.
  • If the funding source (Grantor) initiates negotiations or requests additional information from College or program contact.  Contact should immediately notify District Grants Office and College Grant Office.
  • District Grant Office submits the grant proposal.

Post – Award

  • College Program Director receives notice of award (or proposal declined).  Immediately notify College and District Grant Offices.
  • Forward all documents received including reviewer comments to District Grants Office
  • District Grants Office will deliver copies to Grants Accounting.
  • College Grant Office prepares and obtains signatures for Governing Board Action Items (for awards of $100,000 or more) or Administrative Acceptances of Award (for awards under $100,000). 
  • Governing Board Action item (original) must be provided to the Board Secretary and copies to the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, District Grants Department, and Grants Accounting.
  • District Grants Accounting Office establishes the FMS account project number, loads grant budget into FMS, and sends project notification to appropriate personnel via email.
  • College and/or District Grants Office and Grants Accounting conduct a grants management orientation for program director and fiscal administrators, if needed.
  • Program Director begins to implement program and expend funds.
  • Program Director prepares performance reports and submits it electronically, one week prior to the grant report deadline, the report to Vice President, College President, College and District Grant Offices.
  • District Grants Accounting Office prepares fiscal grants reports. 
  • District Grants Office Director and appropriate College Administrators review performance reports before submission. 
  • Program Director works with College Grant Office and District Grants Accounting Office to close out grants project at end of grant.