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Overview of Programs


Center for Employee and Organizational Learning Signature Programming Includes:

  • Applause Employee Recognition:  Throughout the year, employee excellence nominations are solicited and then submitted to national organizations such as AACC, Leagues for Innovation and NISOD. At the end of the academic year, the Applause program is held to recognize the many professional and educational accomplishments of
    our employees including these national awards.
  • Cultural Events: College-wide events that focus on diversity and inclusion such as Women’s History Month are held annually.
  • Fall and Spring Learning Weeks:  This conference-like program originated in 1998 and each semester offers over 25 learning sessions connected to our college's strategic goals and priorities.  Also, during learning weeks, fall and spring employee convocations are held.  This program was renamed Learning and Leadership Week in August of 2018 to reflect the college’s focus on All- Points leadership.
  • New Employee Orientation:  New employee orientation is held for our full-time employee employees and our new adjunct faculty. During these sessions, our new employees are introduced to PVCC's vision, mission, and core value of learning. Further, time is spent engaging our new employees with our learning center college philosophy.  Questions such as:
    • What is your definition of learning?
    • What is your role in a learning center college?
    • Are considered and responses are shared.

Each August during Fall Learning Week new full-time employee orientation is held.
Each August and January during Fall and Spring Learning Weeks new adjunct faculty orientation is held.

  • President's Advance:  This college-wide retreat held annually since 1998, provides an opportunity for employees and students to come together and focus on items of importance to our college.  This year's Advance will focus on Creating Entrepreneurial Learning Environments Through Innovative Thinking.
  • President’s Leadership Luncheon:  Each fall and spring our academic leaders and students are invited to attend a leadership session with a keynote presentation by a local community member as a way for the college and students to engage with our community members and the good work that is being done around "positive social change" in our community.