College Budget

Financial and Budget Committees

The PVCC Planning and Budget Committee advises the President and the President’s Leadership Team (PLT), within the context of the College’s mission on the long-term goals, strategic planning process and budgetary priorities of the College. It provides a forum for the discussion of planning and budgetary issues so that recommendations reflect the concerns of the entire campus community.
The Committee will:

  • Recommend to the President criteria and principles which the College should consider in determining its programmatic priorities, and make specific recommendations based on current conditions and the College’s mission and vision statements.
  • Evaluate budget processes and recommend changes as needed.
  • Consult in the creation and implementation of the College’s strategic planning process.
  • Serve as a forum for discussion and advice concerning general budget matters.
  • Annual Recommendation for Strategic Planning
  • Share and disseminate budget information with constituency
  • Recommend to the President annual budget recommendations that support strategic planning initiatives

The Committee will report to the President and will choose its chair. Members of the Committee will serve two-year terms and incorporate a culture of continuity. The Committee’s membership will be comprised as follows:

  • Six faculty members, including Faculty Senate President and President Elect, for staggered two-year terms.
  • Staff members, for staggered two-year terms:
    • MAT Representative
    • PSA Representative
    • Vice Presidents nominations (2)
    • IT Dean nomination (1)
    • President nomination (1)
    • SPST nomination (1)

Ex officio members include:

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Vice President for Student Affairs

Resource members serve ex officio and provide staff support to the Committee

  • Budget Manager
  • Director for Institutional Effectiveness
  • Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Human Resources Director
  • Fiscal Director

The PVCC Planning and Budget Committee will provide an annual written report to the President and President’s Leadership Team (PLT) at an appropriate time near the end of each academic year. The report will contain recommended priorities and a summary of the Committee’s findings, actions and recommendations for the year.