Campus Committees and Project Teams

Faculty Associations

Develops a process, structure and standards and tools to support the assessment of student learning. Collaborates with Division Chairs, the VP of Learning and the Director of Assessment and Program Review.
Serves as the primary communication channel to and from the college's internal stakeholders with respect to college-wide initiatives, issues and opportunities. Advises the President with respect to the improvement of college policies, procedures, programs/services and practices within the context of the PVCC Strategic Priorities. Engages in discussion of analysis of college issues. Contributes to the continued development of the internal college community based on the principles of mutual respect, integrity, trust and participative management.
Reviews requests to conduct studies and research with students at PVCC. Participates in district discussions about potential research studies. Important committee for anyone who is working on a doctorate or is planning to do research with students. Meets at least once per semester and then as needed to review research requests.
Reviews and responds to curriculum issues. Develops recommendations regarding curriculum at both the college and district level. (Meets when necessary, face-to-face (Dates/Times TBD)

NOTE: One representative from each Division/Department, one representative from the PVCC Faculty Senate and one Division Chair. (By invitation given the specific criteria – does not roll over)

Assists the college community in responding to one of PVCC's Strategic Issues – What can PVCC do to address the needs of the increasing number of ethnic minority students, other culturally diverse student groups and a changing student body? The Diversity Inclusion Committee establishes goals, plans a program of work, implements strategic plans, assesses its progress, and provides periodic reports to the President and President's Leadership Team. (Meets first Wednesday of the month from 3 pm to 4:30 pm)
(Ad Hoc) Responsible for college-wide recommendations concerning emergency preparedness, OSHA regulations and other safety-related issues. Coordinates with MCCCD Hazardous Materials Committee. (Meets on an “as needed” basis)
The PVCC Financial and Budget Committee advises the President and the President's Leadership Team (PLT), within the context of the College's mission on the long-term goals, strategic planning process and budgetary priorities of the College. It provides a forum for the discussion and budgetary issues so that recommendations reflect the concerns of the entire campus community.
(Ad Hoc) Plans, organizes, implements and evaluates the commencement ceremonies for graduates of the college. Brings forward recommendations for improvement to the President's Leadership Team. Three faculty representatives, including the Faculty Senate President, are recommended. (Meets on request)
Provides assistance and support to the college's Honors Program. Interacts with both the Honors Program and the Academic Divisions. Advises on the selection of scholarship recipients. Committee members are faculty from a variety of disciplines who work regularly with Honors students. (Meets monthly, days times determined annual, membership)
{By invitation or request with approval of Co-chairs}
Implements the MCCCD/PVCC International Education Strategic Plan
Serves as an advisory committee for the college's Learning Community initiative. Primary functions include deciding what Learning Communities will be offered each semester, how they will be supported fiscally, organizing related faculty development activities, and directing the collection and evaluation of assessment data regarding learning communities. (Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m.)
Learning Connections -- a consortium including Paradise Valley Unified Schools, Cave Creek Unified School District, Deer Valley Unified School District, Arizona State University West, Northern Arizona University-Phoenix, and Paradise Valley Community College -- identifies shared interests, anticipates and responds to needs, and integrates and coordinates plans, resources and activities. A minimum of two PVCC representatives serve on each of the following focus teams: (Each team meets monthly)
Provides counsel to the Division Chair of Library Services regarding the college's library needs and services. Divisional representation is strongly recommended.
Reviews requests for occupational capital funds, develops and approves funding criteria and recommends the allocation of occupational capital funds. This committee also coordinates with the Technology Coordinating Team and the Budget Development Steering Team during the annual budget review and allocation process. Membership is appointed by Division Chairs along with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and is restricted to faculty who coordinate occupational programs and teach occupational courses with one representative per Division that has Occupational Programs. The Science Division has one representative because several large enrollment courses are Occupational. The Vice President of Academic Affairs serves as chair of this committee.
Online Faculty discuss and make recommendations to divisions and campus administration regarding online instruction and policy and procedures. (Meets 1st Tuesday of each month - 2:30 p.m.)
Responsible for advising students in the sciences and health career track relative to interviewing skills, personal statement writing, guidelines for MCAT and PCAT tests, dates of such tests and how to prepare for these tests. The committee would generate a letter of recommendation for any student accepted into this program. Also, the committee would be responsible for identifying researching and establishing partnerships with various health career schools. Membership includes science faculty and faculty teaching technical writing courses.
Responsible for developing criteria, screening and administering the college's scholarship awards program. Divisional representation is strongly recommended.
Plans the college's staff development program. Coordinates with the Employee and Organization Development Coordinating Team to extend learning opportunities to the college's staff.
SPST is a nimble small, skill based team that is charged with developing and recommending the College's strategic plan. Members are selected based on the following aptitudes: Strategic/systemic thinker - viewing the College holistically, Basic understanding of the planning process, Good critical thinking skills - evaluation, analysis, synthesis, Objective view - using factual environmental scanning information to make sound decisions, and Future thinking - an ability to vision the needs of PVCC over a three to five year cycle.
Recognizing that increased commitment to sustainability is congruent with our college mission of global engagement and civic responsibility our challenge is to determine the best means, operationally and instructively, to engage in these efforts. There are many facets to this initiative and many questions including: how shall we operate? What should we teach? How can technology assist us?
Develops and coordinates the college’s strategic plan for technology. Serves as a coordinating and consulting body to the college’s Strategic Planning Council, to divisions/departments, and to technology-focused project teams. Provides recommended priorities to the college’s Budget Review Committee. Also coordinates with the colleges Employee and Organizational Learning Coordinating Team. Team membership is based on a “skill set” model.
Explores issues related to under-prepared students and develops a plan designed to increase the college's capacity to better serve their needs. Brings forward a plan to the PVCC Strategic Planning Council and College President for consideration and possible funding.
A steering committee for wellness opportunities on campus. This committee will collaborate with all wellness areas on campus to develop and promote wellness education and activities to students, faculty and staff at PVCC. Committee will function as an extension of the district “Wellness Maricopa” committee and will work to carry out the Vision, Mission and Goals as they apply to the PVCC community. (Meets monthly)


Elected by the PVCC faculty. Serves as the college's faculty governance body. Anticipates and responds to issues that affect faculty activities and performance. Makes recommendations to the College President for the improvement of the college.

Committees Appointed by the Faculty Senate President

Reviews faculty requests to travel related to professional development. Based on the total faculty travel allocation, the committee establishes the annual per faculty travel allocation amount. Communicates with faculty regarding travel policies, procedures and resources.

NOTE: One representative from each Division and the PVCC Faculty Professional Growth representative for Registration Fees/Summer Projects.