Paradise Valley

Tiara Khalid

Tiara Khalid

Tiara confidently states that “PVCC provides all the resources for students to be successful.” As support for this proclamation, she points to the coursework and extracurricular opportunities available at PVCC as brought to life by its remarkable faculty and staff.  As illustrated by Tiara herself, however, these opportunities need students to be fulfilled.

During her enrollment at PVCC, Tiara interacted with a number of wonderful people, such as, Regina Garcia, Ivette Quintero, and Cheryl Brinson, who genuinely care about students.  Tiara shared that they were very helpful and passionate about helping students be successful.  In addition, Tiara singled out Academic Advisor Beth Whiteman’s help in sorting out her classes and making sure that she stayed on track with her transfer goals.

Thinking back to her time at PVCC, Tiara recalls having both the opportunity to help the living and learn from the dead.  Working with cadavers in her anatomy and physiology class was one of her most remarkable and unique experiences at PVCC. Tiara also shared that, as a Work Study student, she received positive feedback from a student whom she had helped locate scholarships and grants. Tiara served an important role in helping this student to continue her education.

Tiara recommends PVCC to others because faculty and staff are very resourceful, helpful and passionate about students and their success.  She specifically recalled her English 102 Professor, Bill Smillie, in helping her to hone her writing skills.

Tiara shared, “Everything I learned at PVCC was critical to successfully completing my degree in Community Health at ASU.”  That is a ringing endorsement from an alumna and a PVCC employee!